Hearing attributes of Indians

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    Two cowboys are riding through the dessert when they see an Indian lying on the ground with his ear pressed to the sand.

    The old cowboy says “You know them Indians can tell all kinds of things listening to sounds carried in the ground.”

    “Yah right” says the young cowboy “just what sorta things can they tell?”

    “Well” said the old cowboy “they can tell if a big storm is coming, they can tell where the buffalo are and how many, the good ones can even tell which direction a man is walking who is out of sight on the other side of a hill.”

    “Wow” exclaims the young one “is that so.”

    About this time they ride up to the Indian and stop. The old cowboy asks the Indian if there is anybody else in the area.

    “Yes, family, in wagon” says the Indian “One pa, one ma, two boy, three girl, head to setting sun, horses running, they about two miles from here.”

    The old cowboy smiles at the shock on the face of the young cowboy.

    Finally the young cowboy asks “How could you know so many details?”

    The Indian replied “I saw them, they run me over not ten moments ago.”
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