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Heaping Helping of Crow C39V2

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It is just as hard for me as anyone else to admit when I am wrong.

I have been a critic of a lot of folks deriding the C39 series, because based on my experience my V1 has been superb, at 11 thousand plus rounds has a bit of wear, but hey, 11 thousand rounds.

Based on the following video, and the two guys who made it being far and away two of the most knowledgeable firearms guys out there, and Rob Ski being the AK guru, have ordered a no go and field gauge to check mine out.

I have inspected mine after watching the video, and see none of the failure they have, so suspect I am OK.

However, it is just not worth ignoring a problem that might result in a possible injury if I can make everyone else aware.

So I'm grabbing the hot sauce and some coleslaw, and dishing up a heaping plate of crow.

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I'm really, really banking on that.
Bought a Zastava M77 .308 Winchester imported by Century.
My understanding is it's 100% Serbian Goodness :cool:
Not possible.

As an imported rifle it MUST HAVE at least five (5) U.S. compliance parts.

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