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Head Shots in self defense

Discussion in 'GATE Self-Defense Forum' started by 3000fps, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. 3000fps


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    Aug 8, 2011
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Today I left home in a hurry to do some banking and to pick up dinner, neglecting to put on my crossbreed supertuck and take my G23 with me. I threw my Ruger LCP in .380 in my pocket and headed out the door.

    I finished my errands and stopped by a hole in the wall Chinese restaraunt to pick up some dinnner. I placed my order and sat down at a waiting area for my food to be ready, about 15 minutes.

    A man walks in with his hand in his pocket, acting really shady, ordered his food and said he'd be back to pick it up. It got me to thinking while sitting there, I would feel REALLY outgunned with this little LCP, had he decided to try and rob the place, or even shoot someone in the process of a robbery. I would not want to take my chances against a violent criminal with a larger gun than I.

    My question to you is, if you were presented with a situation where you KNEW for a fact this guy was going to harm someone, or already did, would you be clear in taking a head shot?

    My answer to this, is that with such a small gun you can't expect to shoot someone in the back / chest and expect them to immediately cease all action, and not to turn around and open fire directly back on you with more firepower.

    I guess in the words of James Yeager "Don't invite them to a gunfight"

    I know there was a list somewhere of the "banned phrases of 2012" that included saying "Thanks in advance", but I would really like to take the time to say it now instead of bumping the thread. I really appreciate the work you have done and providing your knowledge to answer questions for the inquisitive. Thank You.
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    Nov 6, 2005
    Kind words appreciated, 3000.

    As you may have noticed scanning this corner of GATE, I try to stay away from "scenario what-if" questions. They tend to branch off into countless "but what if THIS element changes" rabbit trails, and are much better suited for a thread in either Tactics and Training or Carry Issues, where lots of different folks can chime in. GATE is geared more to questions suitable to short answers by a single poster.

    Where that keys into it is going to be the question of, "How do we KNOW he's going to kill someone if we don't shoot him down?" And the questions of, "How do we know he's alone or not," and "What's the angle of fire," and...well, you get the drift.

    That said, I think your core question goes to the issue of "OK, I decided to carry the convenient little low power gun that is very difficult to shoot well under stress with its small size, tiny grip, vestigial sights, and low powered ammunition...and now I may have to make a precision shot with a round powerful enough to instantly incapacitate, and I may have the wrong tool for the task."

    Personally, answering your question after a couple of days of carrying a Glock 17 I've won matches with and is loaded with 127 grain +P+, I'm very happy to have accepted the minimal inconvenience of carrying that with a blazer to cover it yesterday when teaching at the college, and a light vest to cover it while having a more casual day today. The blazer yesterday and the vest today carried my cell phones and such that I needed to have on my person anyway, and were more convenient than inconvenient to wear.

    3000 fps, I think one of the lessons you've put on the table in front of all of us here at Glock Talk is that we carry the damn thing in case we REALLY need it to save our lives and the lives of others, and that carrying something that may not be up to the task in the name of convenience is something we need to constantly consider and reconsider.

    And I thank you for that.

    I would really suggest you repeat your question in Carry Issues or Tactics and Training (feel free to link to this discussion between you and I in your opening post), and "call in the Glock Talk Brain Trust."