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HDTV help

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Altaris, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Altaris


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    Feb 16, 2004
    Round Rock, TX
    There is no TV forum, but I figure some of you would be the best to ask.

    I am looking to get a 42in or bigger HDTV(DLP or Plasma) and was looking for some advice on those that may already have one. I can go up to a little over $3000 if needed, but I would prefer not to spend that much.

    I haven't had to buy a TV in so long that I don't know what all is good and what is not. I have heard different things on whether DLP or Plasmas are better, and which brands are better, but most of the sources are people I wouldn't rely on.
  2. nickg


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    Jan 16, 2002

    like any other forum, you will see many differing opinions. but you'll get good info there.

    some things to remember:

    how big is your room
    how much do you want to spend
    what features are you looking for
    and after looking at a lot of tvs, what looks good to YOU with all of the above things considered.

    if i had the money i would buy the new 60" Sony SXRD tv. but i don't have an extra $5K laying around.

  3. thonl

    thonl Millennium Member

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    Feb 7, 1999
    Great White North
    It had been a few years since I bought my 65" Mitsubishi Rear Projection, so when my dad wanted a new TV last summer, I did a bunch of research for him, and we ended up spending about $1600 on a 46" Samsung DLP rear projection.

    DLP is nice, since it is a single light source, so there are no convergance issues that you get with traditional CRT based RP sets. Also, burn in from a static image on the screen is not a factor.

    About the only drawback is that the lamps are like any light bulb, going to burn out eventually(I think his was rated at over 10,000 hours) and are a little on the expensive side to replace at over $300