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    ok we got 2 of those flip camcorders , and kodak sport model .

    im also looking into a regular hd flash type . my problem is damn camcorders only have usb hookups :steamed::steamed: seems no more firewire .
    i guess they are heading toward using on just computer which pisses me off.

    i got hd tv , but a regular dvd recorder . i check it today and on back its component out but not in , now im running hdmi to tv . so do i need a new standalone recorder as well when i buy hd camcorder to actually have true hd all the way thru hook ups ???

    we both have laptops and i hate messing with damn dvd burners on a damn computer , it never gets right , and messing with bit rates and all that crap .:steamed:

    and another question does using component out to recorder transfer hd content to burner '????

    im not into home hook ups lol
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    Nov 1, 2007
    You are making things way more complicated than they should be. If you have a mac, imovie is great, and will give you no problems. If you have Windows 7, Movie Maker is a good basic program that will automatically work for your purposes.

    If you are having problems burning DVDs, it can be one of 2 things. One, your DVD burner is bad, and two, you are using bad media. Most burning problems are caused by bad media.

    In my probably 5 or so years of burning DVDs, I've had only a handful of problems, all related to media. For the record, most retail media is of medium quality. The good stuff you can buy at Wal Mart is the expensive (not the cheaper) Memorex or Verbatim, or Sony.

    See this page for more info on that: http://www.digitalfaq.com/reviews/dvd-media.htm

    For the record, my Nintendo Wii will only read media from the 1st class media list.
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