HB 1815 just passed the Texas Senate, too!!

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    HB1815 is this session strengthening of the bill which makes it legal for unlicensed law abiding persons to carry a handgun in their personal vehicle.

    It just passed the Senate on the "Local and Uncontested Calender". This is a 'lightening round' of legislation for 'uncontroversial' bills with no opposition.

    As you may recall, in the last (79th) Legislature, they tried to ammend the traveling exception but their efforts were ignored by several DA's accros the state who continued to prosecute in spite of the traveling presumptions established. This year, they moved the 5 presumptions into the full text of the PC code. You can read the new bill here:


    Basically it says the it will be legal to possess a handgun:
    1. in your personal vehicle, or vehicle under your control
    2. you are not a prohibited person
    3. the handgun is concealed
    4. you are not a member of a street gang
    5. you are not engaged in criminal activity(except Class C misdemeanor traffic violation)

    This bill also permits being directly "enroute" to said vehicle.


    If you would like to watch it go to the Senate Video archive here:


    Click on " May 23- Senate Session Part One"

    The actual passage starts about 29 min. / 25 sec. into the video. Drag the cursor to the time you want to watch. It comes just after consideration of HB 1795 and just before HB 1847, watch closely, it moves by VERY quickly.

    NOTE! The Senate Arcive requires realPlayer. It will down load. Select "Remind Me Later" from the first drop down menu, then unselect all the options, and go on to "finish".

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    Sep 19, 2001
    NRA: Update on Texas Firearms Legislation
    (HB 185 & SB 534)

    House Bill 1815
    This morning, Wednesday, May 23, House Bill 1815 by Representative Carl Isett (R-Lubbock) and Senator Juan Hinojosa (D-McAllen) was given final approval on the Senate Local Calendar.

    This important NRA-supported measure will clarify, once and for all, that it is legal to transport a handgun in your motor vehicle for personal protection without a Concealed Handgun License (CHL), provided you are eligible to possess the firearm under state and federal law, you are not a member of a criminal street gang, you are not committing any criminal activity at the time (other than a traffic violation,) and as long as the handgun is hidden from plain view.

    HB 1815 now heads to Governor Rick Perry (R) for his expected signature! Please take a moment to email a note of thanks to the bill sponsors for their hard work at [email protected] and [email protected].

    Senate Bill 534
    On Tuesday, May 22, the last day for possible floor consideration, the House failed to take up Senate Bill 534, sponsored by Senator Glenn Hegar (R-Katy) and Representative Patrick Rose (R-Dripping Springs) for a final vote. This NRA-supported bill would have allowed Concealed Handgun Licensees (CHLs) to transport and store their handguns in locked motor vehicles while parked on their employers' property. More than 70 other bills died on the last House calendar, as debate and action on measures slowed to a crawl while battle looms ahead for leadership of the House. NRA-ILA will bring this key legislation back next session and work to pass it with your help!