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Having Camera Issues

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I have a Kodak m863 that I just bought, and I noticed that whenever I take any picture without the flash, it looks like this:

Any ideas?
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Pantless Wonder
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The camera has a bad sensor or processor.

Take it back.

You paid between $119 and $139 and for that price you could buy a Canon.

None of the Kodak cameras are ever rated top ten by anyone.

Canon typically has 5 or 6 cameras in everyones top ten best digi-cams.

Here is a like one of the best camera review site around.

Both photographers and consumers make the ratings there. Cameras are broken down by price, megapixals, manufactures, what ever....

Good luck.
It works fine when the flash is used though, that's what's puzzeling me. i think I will take it back though. :(
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