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have you noticed that there are a lot of drivers out there that have never

  1. checked their "turn signal fluid"?

    they might be the same idiots that drive after dark (when 99% of other drivers have their
    headlights on) with theirs off.
  2. I'm guessing about 80%
    In my area don't use them.
  3. In Florida, the turn signals are actually used by many whether they are turning or not. It starts at the dealer's lot.

    They are bound to turn eventually, with a 40-60% chance of guessing right.
  4. Yes, this and never, EVER stop at red lights and ignore stop signs and yield signs.
    Not enough traffic cops around to make a difference , so they take full advantage of that fact, roll the dice and go-go-go.
  5. I think many believe that if they warn you ahead of time, you might decide to block them from turning, so they spring it on you (if they signal at all) so you don't have time to respond in any manner.
  6. When I first moved to Austin Texas, a local told me that if I come up on a car with the turn signal on, pay no attention to it. It was probably on when driver bought the car!
  7. This is why I always wait to see an oncoming car actually begin to turn onto the street that I'm exiting, before I proceed to pull out.

    Flashing turn signals come with no guarantees.
  8. In this state they don't bother to install them on new vehicles.
  9. Just today on major highway a car ahead of me slowed down quickly. @ 65 to @35 mph. Pulls to right AND puts on LEFT turn signal.... So I carefully pull past on left. And car makes left turn behind me...
  10. My wife is a serial no-turn-signal-using person. Drives me nuts.

    I'm practically fanatical about signalling. I turned into the driveway of my home last night, on a deserted country road, without signalling... and felt guilty about it.
  11. I don't use TS, it's nobody's business where I'm going.
  12. before turn signals were installed the guy that invented them had letters from the major car makers saying, that there would not be a need for them.
  13. People around here seem to have trouble with the go pedal. So many slow, pokey drivers, usually in the left lane, busy on the phone, blocking progress. Their rear-view mirror must not work either, or they'd notice all the cars stacked up behind them.
    That green light up there ain't gettin' no greener.
  14. In Chicago signaling a lane change is a sure way to make sure that nobody lets you in.

    Signaling is rarely actually needed on turns because so much of the city has turn only lanes... I think that it's assumed that being in a turn only lane obligates one to turn (though it doesn't actually).

    Signaling happens most often when a cop is present.
  15. I live out side a small mountain tourist town, so most of the year turn signals are optional and seldom indicate what the driver will do.

    And most of the locals have their cars delivered from the factory with brights only. No option for low beam.

  16. Around here, the vehicles most likely to not have turn signal fluid are expensive luxury cars, sports cars/muscle cars, and 4x4s with lift kits.
  17. Didn't you guys know??

    This is what brake lights are for!! They let you know that in a little bit... I may or may not put my signal on ;)
  18. Since about 1927...
    DSC06010 a.jpg

    it really is not difficult to operate them
  19. I love our version of Snow Birds. People who come here for the snow to ski.

    Not too bad at driving if the roads are good but if it is snowing they go instant stupid.

    No turn signals. Ever. Period.

    Won't stay in the Snow Lane. That's the path carved in the snow by the cars ahead of you. They try to drive where they think the painted lanes are regardless of the snow pack.

    Signs are just distractions and traffic lights are nothing more than modern art.
  20. I plan on buying a BMW so I no longer have to worry about using turn signals. When it catches fire on the freeway, that's all the signal people will need to know that I'm about to turn.
  21. I just people would stop shooting up while driving. In the last year we have had multiple, horrific accidents where idiots killed innocent people in senseless crashes because they scored heroin somewhere and couldn't wait to get somewhere safe to use it.
  22. The above is a basic rule here in Los Angeles.

    I average 115 miles a day, pretty much all within the city limits. When I taught my daughter to drive I told her if she sees an approaching vehicle with turn signal on, don't believe it. Also don't belive it if there is no signal on. That car may or may not turn.

    Driving in LA is quite different from driving in Grundy Center, IA.
  23. I drove in NYC, with a friend that lives there. He yelled at me for using turn signals.

    "What's the matter with you? You'll never get anywhere if you let them know you want over!"
  24. Motorcycling 101.
  25. I live in a fairly rural area and failure to use your turn signals here will most certainly get you pulled over. ATL. people have actually complained about our local law enforcement actually enforcing traffic laws, go figure.
  26. When I was of age to get my drivers license, instead of taking the schools drivers ed, my BIL, a long haul truck driver taught me to drive. First thing he taught me, "Never trust a turn signal"

    It's saved me a TON of accidents!
  27. We have those here, too.

    I'm grateful, actually. They are helping to pay off my house.
  28. Oh, God, yes!

    SheWho bought me a motor scooter a couple of birthdays back, and I use it to commute on good days. I trust no one, ever. The good thing is the field of vision. I'm easily able to avoid the idiots, and, because I wear a loud colored vest, most idiots avoid that crazy old man on the scooter.

    I think I'm safer than being in my car.
  29. Down here in Tampa, turn signals mean one of two things, the snowbird is either going to turn in six miles or he's coming over into your lane whether you're there or not. If he's in the the far left lane and has his right turn signal on, he's turning right, right now.
  30. You all got to stop this. It is true and I have seen this and now have my laugh for today, Thank you..
  31. Yup. And my favorite, is I am going to pull out on you, because I feel like being a jerk and then going well beneath the speed limit. But, don't dare pass me, because I will race you, because I wanted you to be stuck behind you while I fling cigeretes at you.
  32. I used to live in Eldora, IA which is about 16 miles West of Grundy Center...

    No issues with Iowans and driving, except in the winter when they for some unknown reason insist on driving on ice and snow on all-season tires. The amount of crashes I saw on my daily commute to Des Moines was epic...


    Around here, everyone uses their blinkers, but they go way under the speed limit. Everywhere... Constantly...

    I took this picture last week in a 60mph zone...

  33. In Connecticut, it is illegal to own a Mercedes or BMW with working turn signals.
  34. it also seems that the worst drivers are sent to D.C. and made to drive on the Beltway.
  35. The technology is usually present, but not the technical abilities...

    Sent from my virtual ball & chain.
  36. I love the old people who drive 35-45 mph every where. Highway, City Street, School Zones. . .
  37. [We] used to call non-use of turn signals and headlights, "Job Security" as the subsequent traffic stop would often result in warrants, drugs or suspended licenses.
  38. I typically lay on the horn and give the finger to people who suck at driving.
  39. Is there a safe place to shoot up ?

    Around the country we see photos and read about two parents , dead, needles in the arms, and kids sitting crying in the back seats.....Yikes.
  40. My buddy turned off the "Lane Departure Warning" feature in his new car. He said it was "sooo annoying". I said he could use his turn signals and it wouldn't activate. He said "You mean even if I'm just changing lanes? I gave up.
  41. lol! That just made me laugh. I know too many people like that...
  42. You are correct. On the flip side I hate the FF crowd that drives well over traffic speed changing lanes many times thinking flashing their signal makes their dangerous driving appear sensible.
  43. Heck, most of the cops here don't even use turn signals. I don't understand. It's a habit I find so hard to break that I accidentally use them in sharp curves I've driven for years
  44. In all honesty I didn't consider winter weather when I made that comment. I lived in the quad cities back in the '70's and experienced some brutal weather including 43 or so days where the high temp remained below freezing. In that respect we have it easy out here in Kookifornia.