Have you had to defend yourself and get a lawyer?

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    I just got this from TSRA. They need your help and your stories to try to impress reluctant members of the legislature about the need for the Castle Doctrine legislation. Alice Tripp is the TSRA lobbyist...good lady. Please share any of the types of stories described below.


    Texas State Rifle Association Political Action Committee Announcement:

    TSRA and NRA Suppported Castle Doctrine Legislation
    Needs Your help in the Texas Legislature

    Texas Castle Doctrine, HB 284 by Rep. Joe Driver (R-Garland) increases protection for lawabiding Texans to protect themselves and others in their homes, their vehicles, and in their places of business. HB 284 also establishes in law that Texans have "no duty to retreat" from a place they have a right to be if violently attacked, if they are not the original aggressor, and are not involved in criminal activity. Finally HB 284 gives Texans, acting within the law, protection from civil action brought by their injured attacker or his family.

    While there is strong support in the Texas Legislature, the gun control crowd and certain urban prosecutors question the need for this new law.

    If you or someone you know has defended themselves against a criminal attack and needed to hire a lawyer for any reason, even to sort sort out the legal ramifications of this defensive action; we need to hear from you.
    We need to know your stories and understand the costs; in money, time and worry.
    Please email Alice Tripp, TSRA's Legislative Director at [email protected]

    Act Now!