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Have you ever read YOUR State's firearms/self defense laws?

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One thing that I notice frequently on this forum is people starting threads asking "What are the gun laws in this state?" or " Is it okay for me to carry here?"

When these questions get asked it seems that one of the more common responses is "Well some random unnamed cop/ gun store employee/ my concealed carry instructor whose class I took 10 years ago said....."

So I'm wondering how many people here have actually troubled themselves to sit down and read their state's black-letter self-defense laws.
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I routinely read Arkansas' statutes, and I monitor the case law in my state and circuit.
I agree, but people who have read them are rare among those who carry guns.

We often see the same here. Many Glock Talk members feels that any fistfight can be ended with a gun, regardless of what their state laws say.
You two guys ought to know better than most, from perusing a few threads here from time to time, that it is pretty evident that a fair number of guys have not read the applicable statutes. And, perhaps even more importantly, that just because someone read a statute and/or a couple decisions, does not mean that they actually understand it.
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