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Have you ever been called an ethnic name?

  1. Just curious here. Growing up it was not uncommon to hear an ethic slur once in a while. I mean many churches were ethnic and that how people identified themselves. So have you ever been called an ethnic?
  2. I need some examples???

  3. All the time
  4. I had an old sergeant at FE Warren AFB that used to refer to me as, "That smart-ass white boy."
  5. I will put that down as a yes.
  6. Used to get called a "herring choker" from the folks who lived inland here in Maine when I was a kid....it was very hurtful...but I've gotten over it now.
  7. Is Hillbilly an ethnic slur?
  8. Is that anything like choken yer chikin?
  9. I been a called a couple that cannot be repeated here due sensitive ears and sore a-holes.
    me don't care, that stuff don't affect me in any form. I can be anything I want, thanks to my skin and name . I don't identify with no nation.
  10. I wonder how ''That smart-ass black boy'' would fly.
  11. that is funny right there. I don't care who you are.
  12. Think it depends on how it was used...

    But you folks do make wicked decent bread by the way...

  13. Hey Critich: You know why donkeys are not admitted into colleges?

    Answer: No one likes a wise ass!
  14. +1
  15. :laughing:
  16. Never seen it.
  17. Know what you get if you cross an onion with a donkey?

    (Keep it clean, this is a family site)
  18. Sure have: Squid (because I was in the Navy) Cracker, Surf Punk and "The White Erkle". And those were just from my mom.
  19. Nope....it was because of all the sardine plants in town. Now they are all closed.

  20. Alot can be said about that... we`ve got a bunch of donkey`s running this country, and they aren`t to wise.
  21. I forgot about squid and hated it then, but adore it now. Strange.
  22. crying ass?
  23. I've lived all over the world. If you haven't ever lived in an area where you paid the "white tax" you may not get around enough.

    Thing is, I don't care. I've got a pretty good grasp of reality and how things work.
  24. Does ahole, SOB or bast****rd count, if so lots of times.
  25. Been called a Marielito or a Balsero a few times and IDGAF.

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  26. Yes. MF Cracker after I was finally able to push my way into a bus seat for after school ski club. He was pushing me and knocking me to the floor to prevent me from sitting, holding the bus up until I would sit. After he said that to me, he did not like the word I said or I assume he didn't by the look he gave me. Shut him up, never said another word, never tried to push me around.
  27. When I worked in Restaurants in TX. P***o de M****. Most of the time it was just joking
  28. Growing up I was called every kind of Bohunk except a nice one but coming from a couple of dirty Mc's, a dumbass kraut and a disease infested WOP I took it with a grain of salt....
  29. I grew up on the proverbial "wrong side of the tracks".

    Therefore the phrase "white trash" was very common.

    To make matters worse, my ancestors were Irish immigrants.

    My siblings and I have lily white skin, red hair and freckles.

    We resemble lobsters when we spend too much time in the sun.​
  30. I've been called names, but nothing really "ethnic."
    A name is a name, I guess.
  31. I was about to post the same question. Grew up in southern WVa.
  32. As Mark Twain wrote: "I've never let schooling interfere with my education".

    Haughtiness among Yalies didn't start in your lifetime. Leland Stanford and his wife made an appointment to see the President of Yale. They went from California to Ct. They sat outside his office. He was now too busy to meet with them. Ok. They returned to California and Mr. Stanford started his own college. And, at one time, Yale had a President who had not gone to college -probably the last time that any sensible person ran the place.
  33. "Racist-ass cracker" here!

  34. Yes: WOP, guinea, dago. Get over it. It's a word and when people try and weaponize it against you, the true nature of their character is on display for all to see.
    Growing up in the 60s and 70s, there was always somebody who would try and humiliate me with the latest Italian joke. I'd already heard them all, so I'd wait until they plodded through the setup and then I'd tell the punchline. I got the laugh and they were the brunt of the joke. I got really good at delivering punchlines that way. :dancing:
  35. Call me anything you want, except late for dinner!!!
  36. Same here... 100% Italian, been called them all. Back in my younger days, they left with either a fat lip or a black eye, sometimes both...lol. But they found out what a blackbelt felt like ;)

    Now i just start laughing at them... what, you gonna beat up and old man now, did i beat yo daddy`s arse long time ago and he sent you here for revenge...? LOL
  37. Many times over the years an couldn’t begin to count how many times I’ve Been insulted by being referred to as a yankee. I’m a Canuck. Can’t post a smiley with this some of the best times I’ve had were on the other side of the ditch.
  38. Dad called me dumbass a few times, looking back, he was right!!!
  39. I'm sure I've been called hillbilly, cracker, maybe even the old school honkey - those are really the only names for white people that come to mind. I don't specifically remember it, because my white privilege means I don't give a ____ . Call me a racist name and it amounts to a funny story to tell later - not lifelong trauma like it apparently causes for some.
  40. I’ve been called George Jefferson’s favorite a few times.

    On another note, I’ve also been mistaken for being a different race than I am on a few different occasions. 3 different ones oddly enough.
  41. Got a neighbor and good friend who calls me a yankee, moved from MA to VA 20 years ago!!!
    I learned to understand boomhawer speak, he sounds just like him!!!
  42. I grew up in metro N.Y. What do you think?
  43. Ha-Ha....ever been called an "Over-Homer"? We call the NB crowd here that because every sentence they start is like. "Well, over home we......."
  44. When my son was born, I gave him 6 names. Why? Because virtually everyone who goes to school has some horrible play on names.

    I have a niece. I used to baby sit her. So one day, she confided that the kids at school had ridiculed her name. I asked what they called her. She wouldn't tell me. I promised not to laugh, so she told me: Poop Troop I immediately went into gales of laughter. It was a play on a television program at the time.
  45. Yes I’ve heard that name. Have a close friend who lives in the northern part of NB.
  46. Great one.
  47. Growing up in SC, the rednecks used to call us Catholics "mackerel snappers" because we ate fish on Fridays during Lent.
  48. Yes , just last year a young Africa American called me the forbidden word during an heated dispute and I am a redhead white guy . I laughed about it after it was over and still laugh about it now when I am reminded of it .

    And does red headed stepchild count ?
  49. [​IMG]
  50. :fred::laughing:

    PERFECT.... rotflmao... thanks! :cheers:
  51. I have been called a limey hundreds of times by other folks of English heritage.