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Have the Richmond results been mailed yet?

  1. Does anyone know if or when the results will be mailed?:rolleyes:
  2. I've not received anything in the mail, but the results have been up on www.gssfonline.com for several weeks.
  3. There is a check box on the registration form where you can opt out of the results mailing if you are going to download them from gssfonline.com. If you checked that box, you will not be mailed the results.

  4. I'm more interested in what comes with the results. :)
  5. Me too! ;f
  6. Me Three.
  7. BTT;P
  8. The mail man just brought my Richmond results and certificate. Anybody else get their's? I'm happy to see this. ;f
  9. Hey Jerry: Decision Time ;9 ;9 ;9
  10. Have not received mine yet, but I'm glad to know they have been mailed! Now if I could just decide which glock I want to get with my certificate?;d ;Q
  11. I received mine in Bedford County today. Perhaps Campbell County will arrive on Monday.
  12. Well they're running about a month behind the match. Now we have a benchmark for the rest of the year.
  13. That's great, almost back to the old way. It won't be long before it is 8 weeks again. Now comes the guy who shoots 3 matches in a month, wins a few guns and doesn't know it, then is automatically bumped into UL without knowing it while he thought he was shooting his 17 in AMCiv or LE class. SURPRISE!

    Looks and sounds like a GREAT BIG step backwards. It's probably because the GSSF Honchos are sitting on their butts trying to figure out how to screw things up some more. ;i

    It won't be long and they will be calling on the "other" Glock employees to bail them out AGAIN!;)
  14. I don't have mine yet. I guess it takes a little longer to get north of that Mason-Dixon line to yankee country.
  15. FYI... I received mine in the mail yesterday.
  16. Got mine Monday, sent my certificate in today, Now I just have to
    wait for my FFL to call.:cool:
  17. Man you must have been ready and waiting! :) What did you order?
  18. G17 GSSF Commemorative;f
  19. Enjoy, my first win was with my GSSF Comm. Looks like it's good for something. ;f
  20. Got mine last Saturday (06-01), too. One check good for AmCiv entry fee for Statesville thanks to my Commemorative.