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Have the Blue Angels resumed operations?

  1. Have the Blue Angels resumed their practice/show schedule since the #6 crash? No word about it on their website.
  2. I saw the "Blues" here in Southwest Michigan about a week ago.I think they flew on both Sat and Sunday during our recent Balloon Fest and Airshow.

    In addition, I think they flew last weekend at the Willow Run airshow near Detroit.

    Actually, it was kinda weird- the USAF T-birds have flown here on the 4th of July time frame for so many years I cannot even count them.

    The Blues put on a dynamite show, but I personally prefer the T-birds routine.

    It was nice to see them back in the air, representing the Navy and this nation's military.

    Fly Air Force-the best always have !
  3. EXCELLENT! I am heading to Pensacola in September and plan on a trip to watch them practice. Did they have 6 F-18s (4 ship + the two solos) when you saw them, or have they modified their routine since the crash?
  4. Thank you sir-those are excellent photos!!!:thumbsup:
  5. I too have seen them within the last month. So I think you are good to go:thumbsup:
  6. They recalled a pilot from an earlier team. All is back to normal. You should be able to view them practice on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when you visit. Be sure to take the time to spend the better portion of a day at the Naval Aviation Museum -- lots of good stuff to see, touch and do...