Has anyone seen the Best Pic Noms yet?

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    Ok I for one pretty much find most of the Academy Awards irrelevant. Its seemingly became more about politics than what was actually the best a while ago and I could honestly care less about what they say is good. So Why this thread, I don't know maybe I'm bored, maybe at least there still a shred of credibility left. The one thing I do pay a little attention to is best picture. Not just the ones that win, but all the nominees. A best picture nod at least gets me to take a second look at a movie and as messed up as they are over at the "academy" the movies they pick are generally good.

    It seems that they have chosen 10 movies this year for Best Picture, instead of the normal 5. I for one find some of the selections more than a little questionable. I will preface that I haven't seen any of these movies, but I have followed a lot of them. So I cant go from personal experience, not that that would matter much anyway. So heres the off:

    The Hurt Locker, Precious and The Blind Side are the general Oscar fair and I don't have any issues with them. Up in the Air, An Education, A Serious Man, I dont know a lot about any of these but they all seem standard oscar selections also.

    District 9, cant say a know a whole lot about that one.

    Avatar? I want to see it but Oscar worthy? Best Picture? Really? I guess its Titanic or Dances with Wolves with blue people and they did ok so who knows.

    Inglorious Bastards? Really? wast it that good? this got a Best Director nod also. I guess it did take Tarintino about 10 years to get it made.

    UP? seriously, although I don't know a out about this either?

    Like I said this is all pretty much based on what Ive heard about these movies and how I feel about them without having seen them. However it seems that the Academy may have jumped the shark on this one and destroyed that last shred of credibility that they still had. I dont know. For those that have seen them. Are these movies really oscar worthy?