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Harry Potter and the Deathly.....Weapons.

  1. Never realized till now that Beocca in The Last Kingdom was Professor Quirrel.
  2. Absolutely fabulous, if only for the fact that it will make liberal heads EXPLODE in anger. Hope to get home in time to download a copy before it disappears.
  3. Oh, and beware....this guy's website reads like the 8-year old son of a gun control activist gave him a lecture on what guns do. Unless the full episode is free, I'm not sure I would spend money on it.
  4. Yeah, the full movie is free. Someone actually took the full 2-hour-31-minute movie and added guns. LMAO, nice.
  5. Probably has some good reaction gif material.
  6. The American flag at the end was awesome
  7. looking at it now (for free)
    @ 5:09 are the guns for D's birthday!
  8. My son sent me this picture. I threw up a little.

  9. The series actually has a very pro self defense message in it, especially the last couple books.
  10. It's too bad JK Rowling is a POS Liberal. Although she's right about trannies.
  11. CRAP! It was removed before I got home.
  12. Video has been removed.
  13. I didn't know much about her and while reading the books with my kids I couldn't help but wonder if she was conscience of just exactly what she was writing. I had assumed she was left leaning, being a writer, a Brit and a woman, and the story has plenty of liberal elements but I had to go do some research because the story had such strong conservative elements to it as well. She was telling an amazing story of ordinary citizens having to defend themselves in organized groups, with weapons. The government (Ministry) in the series refused to confront the criminal element, insisted that it didn't exist and that everyone was safe and went so far as to go after those who took matters of defense upon themselves. It also has a very strong themes of good vs evil, evil only prevailing when good people do nothing (Fudge essentially being Neville Chamberlain) and tyranny vs freedom.

    I'm not sure what to think about her view on trans people. On one hand, she is 100% right, cutting off your junk doesn't make you a woman and her recent objection to the term "people who menstruate" instead of "women" was great. But I also can't help but chuckle when the left turns and starts eating their own.
  14. What's next? A Dr. Seuss thread??
  15. Hmm. I suppose that's one way of looking at it, sure. I'm not sure if I would call those "Conservative" elements so much as "Human" elements.
  16. Really funny! Well done!
  17. What about something us old guys can relate to?