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Harley Davidson to shut down India manufacturing and sales

  1. Harley Davidson said that it is discontinuing sales and manufacturing operations in the world’s second most populous country as part of its company-wide restructuring, or the “Rewire” plan, a five-year strategy to reset its business, focus on high-priority markets and tighten up by streamlining models.

    Harley had been in India for about 10 years but only sold a few thousand motorcycles each year. It was a real money loser.

    Harley's biggest competitor in India was Royal Enfield, a motorcycle selling for about 1/10th of a HD.

    Harley is in talks with India's HERO Motorcycle Co. to import and sell American made Harleys.
  2. That is where Harley made their small bike. It is still too expensive to compete with the Royal Enfield.

    I owned a Harley, but will admit I like the Royal Enfield. A lot of history and a good looking standard bike. A great basic commuter bike.


  3. Maybe HD should offer a model with bench seats front and rear?? Could be a big seller.
  4. Lmao. I was thinking the same thing. The one up seat won’t cut it in India. Gotta be able to carry a family of 5 and a half dozen chickens.
  5. Harley's are way over priced and over hyped.
  6. I added a pic of their standard seat bike. It is the Royal Enfield Bullet.
  7. Nice retro look of the older Triumphs and BSA's.
  8. Not really, they are great bikes and hold their resale value extremely well.
  9. 3185760B-74FE-49E7-A24C-C86D01C64CA1.jpeg All their employees are going home
  10. A riding buddy of mine has a Royal Enfield and I have to say, it is a really nice looking bike in person. Also reliable and rides well. Would love to see one done up in the style of a 60's Rocker/Cafe Racer with drop bars and a single seat.
  11. Harley went woke. Let them go broke.
  12. (said with a heavy Hindi accent) Gawd Dahmit!!
  13. If you ever saw the welds up close on these bike frames you'd rather pedal your bicycle than hop on a Royal Enfield for street use.
  14. Harley needs to face the reality that the solution to declining sales isn't to build bigger and bigger cruisers like the 1923 cc engine. They need to fix the 500 and 750 Street so they can compete with the Triumph Bonneville and Royal Enfield Interceptor.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. I wonder who's going to make the Indian engines for H-D then?
  17. It's ironic that their best running and handling motorcycles have Indian engines.
  18. Not anymore.
  19. I agree with him 100%. HD was suppose to be America, making it in India is stupid. They sold out long ago though throwing their name on any cheap chinese crap they could find. I have never been impressed with HD, they can disappear for all I care.
  20. Yep, just another Kodak.
  21. In the small town where I live I see Harley's being ridden by mostly close to retirement age dudes.
    This does not bode well for the Company.
  22. Kodaks corporate suicide was even worse.

    Imagine if Harley invented a bike that couldn’t crash but scraped it because they didn’t want to endanger their helmet sales market. Not only scraped it but let everyone else build it. For free.

    That’s what Kodak did with the digital camera. Not to mention massive quality control issues with paper, film and chemicals. I watched it as a photographer in dumbfounded horror.
  23. I'd ride the heck out of that! It's cool!
    Harley's are just for old second-childhooders now. Some old nerd revving it til it almost let's go, while posing noise pollution and traffic hazards for all the neighbors. Yeah, no not so cool.
    Still like Harley Davidson Motorcycles, just not so cool anymore.
  24. ...........
  25. I had a Kodak V550. Good camera, but a modern smartphone takes better pictures.
  26. HD priced themselves out of the market and appeal to a select few. As for commuting on a Royal Enfield, sure commute on tubes tires and a rear drum brake......

    The big 4 Jap bikes make way better commuters. I bet the HD dealers in India don't have a bikini contest like the one the local HD dealer has tomorrow either. 2 cycles in the garage that cost a tad over 10K in the garage. Both will hit triple digits easy, and are lighter and more comfortable to ride than a HD. I like the Road King but a good used one will still cost more than my 2 German bikes.

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  27. That's your opinion. And you know what they say about opinions.
  28. I'll vouch for that. If you buy a Harley, it's for a lifetime. I thought about trading in my '12 Fat Bob when the new M8 Harleys came out but they weren't giving squat for trade in so I decided to keep mine and when it's time for a rebuild, I'll go with something like a 120 with all the go fast bits. One thing I'd say is if you're going to buy a Harley, you gotta be a mechanic. No one can afford to have a Harley shop work on their Harley unless they're a dentist or a lawyer. I do all my own work. I love my Harley.
  29. 4258BAE0-CE77-4825-8B37-C1EC66E1D5DB.jpeg

    Those were the rebound attempts. Kodak invented the Digital Camera but the executives killed it because they didn’t want to hurt film sales. Then they tried to get back into the market by putting their digital guts in bodies built by other companies.
  30. Well now they are supposed to be making pharmaceuticals, we shall see how that goes. I really wonder what there is left to save. Is any of their equipment usable in drug production?
  31. They have no old equipment except for film and color paper. The chemistry manufacturing side got sold off and they just label and sell it. They are just a management company farming out the work on most things.

    Not sure how the pharma side works but the old chem side would not have been suited to meds.
  32. Harley has not been truly made in America for a very long time. Japanese made suspension and electronics. India has been doing their chroming. Years ago there were waiting lists to get a Harley, those days are long gone. Their market, old fat guys mainly is waning. Millenials for the most part do not like motorocycles. I'd love to see them make a comeback but I fear they may be a dying company. Really sucks because they truly were an American icon. I get that loyal followers love their Harley. Enjoy it while you can.
  33. Replicas and parts for classic two cycle Vespas are made in India.
  34. When I was at the dealer picking up my new Street Glide on a beautiful September Saturday, my wife and I were the only ones there for the three hours it took to do all the paperwork, etc. I asked the owner (who was the gent I was dealing with,) what's going on with the complete lack of traffic? He pointed at me and said (and I quote,) "You're the future of Harley-Davidson." I'm sixty. HH
  35. Harley has always sucked....if you are gonna be loud, you need to be fast. Loud , slow, and suspension from blueprints found on the christopher columbus isn't a winning business motto.
  36. I was an enthusiastic motorcyclist for many years. On Harley: never owned one, never wanted to. But, I would feel terrible if they were not part of the American scene. They might make a comeback, and I wish them well. They did so once before when they were owned by a bowling ball and pin machine company - AMF - who likewise tarnished the brand decades ago.

    I am and have been a pro photographer for over 40 years, and was a long time user of Kodak and other films and chemicals, in truly prodigious quantities. I was also literally a national pioneer in both digital photo capture (what most think of as "digital photography") and digital retouching. I had a very good seat from which to witness Kodak's gradual demise from its perch atop its industry. Their film, chemistry and paper were always top notch, if not always the very best for every possible photo segment, and they never stopped being so. But, as a previous poster did describe, they literally did invent the digital camera but made a massively bad executive decision to be content to own several key patents to the digital process and let others develop the real working hardware. Patents without products only get you so far and for only so long. They blew it and allowed the Japanese analogue camera makers to eat their lunch. Although they still exist as a ghost of their former self, they are now a medium sized but unremarkable niche player in the photo world, and are not in a position to regain their old glory. RIP Kodak.
  37. We're making judgements through the prism of history. It's different when you're looking at something in real time. More often than not, the chips will fall where they will by accident and we'll make a rational explanation for it after the fact. It'll all seem so obvious and reasonable at that point in time.

    Knowing what you have when it's sitting in front of you is a rare trait.

    Making the right move, at the right time, for the right reasons. It's not easy to do.

  38. They should make an electric motorcycle. That would be a hit in third world countries.