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Hard to fish in this repressive heat?

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I live on a lake. I fish everyday for bass and panfish. I see them swimming in schools in the lake. This morning there was a school of 16 bass in the 2-3 lb. category cruising the shallows, probably looking for stray minnows. The temp here in TN for the last few weeks has hovered around 100 degrees.
Those fish aren't biting. At least not what I'm throwing. I don't know if it's just the heat, or oxygen depletion in the water from no rain, or the wrong bait, or maybe I'm wearing my hat wrong...
Whatever it is, it SUCKS!!!
Any ideas?
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All great suggestions, folks, and I would try a " Texas " rigged Senko bait, no weight, letting it sink slowly, then small twitches.

Or a spinnerbait, either slow rolled,near bottom, or blazing across the surface, to get reaction strikes.


imout :cool:
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