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Hard to fish in this repressive heat?

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I live on a lake. I fish everyday for bass and panfish. I see them swimming in schools in the lake. This morning there was a school of 16 bass in the 2-3 lb. category cruising the shallows, probably looking for stray minnows. The temp here in TN for the last few weeks has hovered around 100 degrees.
Those fish aren't biting. At least not what I'm throwing. I don't know if it's just the heat, or oxygen depletion in the water from no rain, or the wrong bait, or maybe I'm wearing my hat wrong...
Whatever it is, it SUCKS!!!
Any ideas?
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Take a small hook maybe a long shank 8 and thread about 1 inch of night crawler on it up to the eye.

Pinch a small split shot (just enough to sink it slowly to the bottom)about 12 inches above the hook.

If you are in a boat go to anywhere some kind of water enters the lake.

sitting a short distance off the shore let the worm fall and with the bail open keep paying out line as long as it will go.

If you are afoot you can do something similar with a slip bobber.

I am not sure why, I think there is some current near the bottom at these points that takes the bait to where fish are feeding.

I have caught nice stringers of fish doing this when no one else could lose bait.
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