Hard Drive Recovery

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by ateamer, Oct 24, 2005.

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    I have a hard drive that has a bad head. Upon startup, all it did was make a repeated clicking. We tried hooking it up as a slave to the new hard drive, but it just did the same thing.

    The bad thing is that there are two critical Word documents on it that weren't backed up. I understand that the drive will need to be sent off to a recovery service.

    Can anyone recommend any particular company to do this? It looks like it will be several hundred bucks. Are there any companies that charge significantly less, or is that not going to happen?
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    Thats the click of death. Its done.

    You have two choices.If you have info on there that you must get off.

    1: Ship it out and pay over $1000 and see if you can get info off of it.

    2: Buy a new one,as cheap as possible. Take tools and harddrives into the bathroom. Note, the bathroom must be very clean to start with. Turn on hot water in the shower and let it run for about ten minutes. Get it real steamy.This forces the dust out of the air. take the hard drives apart and swap out the platters. Put the new one back together with the old platter.Now, you need to let the unit dry out in some manner.You have to get all the water out. Once that is done. Plug it in to a PC using a adapter. Get your info off as quickly as possible. Once you have it off. BACK IT UP.

    You can purchase upgrade kits which include a USB housing for your old harddrive to be used as a external drive.Total cost should be under $200 if you do it.

    Good Luck