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Hard Decision i am facing

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Right now i am in the process of getting accepted to go to OCS in October. I have been pursuing a flight contract. I have already had my flight physical and am cleared to fly, but for some reason i cant get the score i need on the astb. I just took it for the second time this morning and scored a 4/5/4, the same as i did when i took it the first time. I dont know why i keep doing so sh&tty because I feel like i know the material in all my study guides inside and out, and way better than i did the first time. My OSO told me that i have 3 options right now.

My first option is to get submitted as a ground officer for october and hopefully get selected. He said the numbers are not out yet, but that the rumor is that each office is only getting like 3-4 slots and they are mainly looking for flight, so going ground is super competitive. I currently have a pft of 271 with a 19:30 runtime, 16 pullups, and 100 crunches. I really think i would enjoy some ground jobs, especially if i could get infantry officer or some type of intelligence, especially ground. I could try to get flight after TBS with this option also, so flight is still possible too, just harder to get.

My second option is to wait the 3 months, take the astb again, and go from there. I would be submitted for the January OCS as either flight or ground, depending on how i do on my third attempt.

The third option is to be submitted as a reserve officer. He said he is positive i can get into the october OCS as a reserve ground officer slot. He told me that it would be just like active at first with all the training and first deployment, but then after that i would be switched over to weekend warrior status. With this option he said i could prolly switch to active at some point, depending on the needs of the Corps at the time. If i could be positive i could switch over to active this would be a great way to go, but im not sure what i would do if i could not switch. I dont know much about this option so im gona have to do research and talk to people about it. any information is greatly appreciated.

I just really dont know what to do at this point. I have always felt everything happens for a reason and it feels like scoring the same on the test again even though im much more prepared and confident is saying flight is not for me, but i would love to fly. There are some jobs in ground though that i think i would really enjoy and be good at, and since i get my diploma in august i really wanna go straight into the Corps. I am supposed to let him know on the 13'th what i want to do. Sorry about this being so long, im just really not sure what to do and needed to get this all off my chest. I really wanna be a Marine and this is a life changing decision for me so im gona be thinking about this a lot for the next 2 weeks.

thanks for listening and for any advice or words of wisdom the gt family can offer,

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Being an officer in the combat arms in the Marines (infantry, armor, artillary) ain't a bad "second choice." I say do it and try to go flight later.
Jeremy, the best advise I can give you(based on being a USMC Vet) is that you need to base your decision on whether you want to be a Marine or not. Being a pilot is a great goal but many things can go wrong in the pipeline. Approach the Military with realistic expectations about the duties and the people you will be with (many are great some are disapointing) and drive on. I have a lot of friends that regret having never served when they were younger.
I have always felt everything happens for a reason

I really wanna be a Marine


I think you answered your own question here Jeremy. My advice would be to go for it and become a Marine. Serving in any capacity would be something you wouldn't regret. Good luck.
thanks for your responses guys. i talked to my Oso yesterday and i am going to go in this week to sign a ground contract so that i can be submitted for the July 10'th boards.
thanks for your responses guys. i talked to my Oso yesterday and i am going to go in this week to sign a ground contract so that i can be submitted for the July 10'th boards.
Good luck. Do this because you want to be a Marine.
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