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    Jul 19, 2009
    Late last year I bought a G-22 and a SA Mil-Spec. 1911 in .45 ACP. They have both been absolutely excellent pistols. Today while out visiting church members, I went by the farm of a church member who allows me to do some informal target shooting behind one of his work buildings.

    As normal I put up a harrow blade painted white. Using the axle hole as a aiming mark and firing from 15 yds. (i.e., long steps), I had a nice time just trying to see how I could do.

    As I currently only have one magazine for my 1911, I fired it in 5 round strings reloading and picking up the fired cases between strings of fire. I fired quickly at a very good pace trying to keep my shots on the axle hole of the harrow blade. A total of 50 carefully fired 230 gr. .45 ACP rounds produced a total group of right at 6 inches. This SA 1911 has turned out to be a real prince of a pistol. I had looked high and low for something that didn't cost an arm and a leg. One local gunshop had a used RIA for $480 OTD, a price I thought to high for a used and not particularly well kept pistol. I was thrilled to find this SA at the same shop for $373... $400 OTD w/ a box of ammo. It has proven to be an excellent pistol.

    Next I got out my beloved "Boomerang," which is the name I decided on for my G-22. I stuffed the two magazines full of Federal Champion 180 gr. FMJ and started having fun. The odd thing is that in the first box of ammo I experienced 4 FTF. This was the first time I've ever had any sort of issue with this pistol in over 1,300 rounds fired. I was puzzled by the FTF. I cleared the weapon and kept shooting. On the second box of ammo I had no issues at all. The first 50 rd. group measured just about 5 inches except for one poor shot that put the round precisely in the center of the harrow blade but 4 inches above the group. The next group fired consisted of 25 rds. which produced a nice round 5 inch group. The same was true of the third group which again consisted of 25 rds. I was absolutely amazed at how fast one can shoot the G-22 and still get very good on target results. It seemed like all I had to do was just stick the front sight on the axle hole and pull the trigger... there would be a little kick... I would hear a little ring sound as the bullet hit... the trigger would reset and the process would be repeated. As all my other range sessions have always been more careful/formal target type efforts, I was very pleased with this first venture into shooting fast.

    I have no idea what caused the FTF. In each of the 4 FTF's, the round appeared to strike against the top of the chamber. I have no idea how a round normally enters the chamber from the magazine.

    I checked the magazines and they appeared to be fine. However, I did consider that when I last shot the pistol, I took the magazines apart for cleaning as they had gotten dropped in the dirt. I may possibly have failed to correctly reassemble them.

    I did notice with some concern that upon opening the first box of ammo, the bullets simply did not look right, i.e., they did not look as clean and polished as is the norm for Federal ammo. Comparing the rounds to those in the next box, the bullets in the first box appeared to be less smooth... with imperfections, etc. rather than bright and shiny.

    One thing I did differently was to move my left thumb down slightly to get it away from the slide. While I could not remember for certain I thought possibly I had allowed my left thumb to push against the slide rather than the frame.

    Upon returning home, I of course cleaned both pistols. I took another box of the same Federal Champion 180 gr. FMJ ammo and loaded the magazine. I then hand cycled the rounds trying to induce a FTF. No matter what I did, everything feed and extracted correctly. I loaded some Rem. 180 gr. JHP ammo and tried the same procedure with exactly the same results.

    This pistol has never had any sort of problem. The 4 FTF's were with the first box of ammo. There were no problems with the second box of ammo. The lot number for both boxes was M18Q3. I have more Federal Champion ammo in my cabinet. It has not ever given me any problems. Tonight I was able to find and buy two 100 rd. value packs of WWB .40 S&W loaded with 165 gr. FMJ. If tomorrow the weather cooperates I will likely give that harrow blade another shot or two from Boomerang. Hopefully my having thoroughly and lubeircated the pistol and having wiped the magazines clean will have cleared up anything that might have contributed to today's problems... and of course tomorrow I will make sure to keep my big fat thumb off the slide! Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Any day at the range is a good day:supergrin: