Happy, sad, unusual experience.

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    Apr 7, 2004
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    A strange occurance at my house last week.

    Last Monday evening just before dark a little, sweet chihuahua showed up at my house. He had a collar and flea collar and was obviously well cared for. He had no tags.

    He wouldn't go away and we had never seen him before. My wife brought him in and gave him some water. We let him play with our two bichons for a while before my wife took him for a drive around the neighborhood. None of the neighbors who were at home knew who he was.

    She brought him back home for a sleepover with plans to search again in the morning. My bichon boys were driving him nuts so we crated him with a bowl of water for the night. He slept like a baby all night. That dog never barked, whined, growled or snapped at us or the boys. He was the most even tempered, calm chihuahua I have ever seen.

    The next morning my wife pulled out off our little side street and around the curve and there was a man taping a sign to his mail box. LOST DOG, etc. Talk about getting lucky fast.

    It was their Cisco. You have never seen such a happy little 4 year old boy and his mother. Cisco was all over both of them kissing and wagging. I love happy endings.

    Two days later I was talking to my Mom on the phone. It turns out, that very Monday evening her bird dog had gotten run over. His jaw and snout were crushed and his back broken.

    She is slightly asthmatic and getting too old to handle big dogs. Mom decided she wants to get a chihuahua.

    Cisco showed up at our house shortly after Jack was euthenized.

    I'm glad Cisco got back to his family but I think fate was knocking at our door that night.

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    Mar 23, 2003
    That is odd timing.

    I hate your mom lost her dog, especially in such a horrible way :sad:

    I found the most amazing longhair black medium-sized mutt once. He was at a huge intersection running back and forth from car to car. I don't know if he was dumped or jumped out of a truck but it seemed he was checking each vehicle out "are you my people?"

    I caught him and posted signs, add in the paper, called all the vets, talked to local businesses, called the pound, PD and SD and never could find an owner. Eventually, I adopted him out when I gave up all hope of finding his family :)

    He would have been a GREAT dog for somebody like your mom.

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    Mar 7, 2005
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    Dad passed away last October. A couple days after the funeral, a small dog showed up on the front step of Mom's house. He wouldn't let us get close to him. He was just hanging out on the step. It was getting colder in the evening, so we put a box with a blanket and some food out. After a couple days he took off. Mom and I thought it was Dad just checking on her. Very odd occurance.