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Happy Birthday, US Army!

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    :rofl: They both call the Air Force. Brrrrrrrrrt. ;):D
  2. They stopped counting birthdays when they hit 20...ran out of fingers and toes.
  3. Happy Birthday you dog faced pukes!

    Semper Fi.
  4. 31M - Multichannel Communications Equipment Operator

  5. Go Army! Happy Birthday grunts.

    11B then later 91D.

    Sent from deep behind enemy lines in the liberal bastion of Denver, Co.

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  6. Sooooo, you commanded control of this???
  7. I don’t know what the Army is like today, but it was a real growin’ up experience in the late 50’s. The Army experience served me well for a lifetime.

    Happy birthday to a great American institution!
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  9. ...a job which I still do today...so glad my skills transferred to civilian life...
  10. Happy birthday Army. Hand salute.
  11. FIDO.'08.
  12. A Troop 1-4 Cav/A 3-37AR vet (1990-1994) checking in. Would go up against any armored force in the world, with those two units. In that time frame. The Republican Guard found out why I'm saying that now, with a beer. Best job none of you ever had.
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    Happy birthday Green Machine!!