Hansel and Gretel get caught

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    Police followed a trail of pizza sauce and chicken wings to an apartment and arrested two men on suspicion of attacking a pizza delivery man early Saturday morning.

    Mesa Police said the delivery man was lured to a vacant apartment, where two men attacked him by breaking a coffee pot over his head and stole his pizzas.

    The incident occurred about 4 a.m. Saturday at Sycamore Shadows Apartments near Sycamore Street and Southern Avenue, police said.

    The victim, who suffered a small knot on the back of his head, told police that when he arrived to deliver the pizza he was cornered outside the apartment by two men who said they ordered the pizza, police said.

    When the victim reached into his bag to get the pizza, one of the men struck him with a coffee pot, breaking it over his head. The two men grabbed the pizza bags and ran.

    Police were able to follow a trail of pizza sauce and chicken wings in the direction the men were seen running, which led the officer to another apartment in the same complex, police said.

    The delivery man was able to identify the two men in the apartment.

    Michael Dornan, 18, admitted to striking the victim with the coffee pot, police said. Michael Le-Andre, 23, was also found in the apartment and had pizza sauce on his pants and shirt. Le-Andre refused to give the officer his name or identification and denied participation in the robbery.

    A consent to search form was signed by the apartment owner and the officer found the pizza, wings and pizza bags in the bedroom, police said.

    Dornan was booked on charges of armed robbery. Le-Andre was booked on charges of armed robbery and failure to identify himself to an officer.
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    It just keeps getting better, don't it?
    If you gotta commit the crime, couldn't you at least clean up after yourself and be a neat eater? Pizza sauce all over yourself and leaving trails all over the place? Where are their table manners?