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Hannie being nosy

  1. @Hannie Caulder asked me to post this because she is nosy. Just to chicken to ask though.

    What is the weirdest place you have ever "done the deed"?
  2. Sounds like the girl woke up frisky.
  3. tenor.gif
  4. Maybe. She could be looking for ideas
  5. Peach orchard, NASCAR race parking lot.

    All I got.
  6. With someone?
  7. It's a gun forum, guys.
    She must be asking about "accidental discharge."
  8. I don't think the statute of limitations is up yet...
  9. Considering the subject, shouldn't that be "premature discharge"?

    Oh, and IBTL.
  10. Peach orchid?


    You must be really small:)
  11. In a recliner while watching TV with her dad.
  12. Cemetery
  13. In the surf of lake Michigan, right below some dunes that are a tourist spot to look out onto the lake from.

    In broad daylight.
  14. Why in the back of a police car while in custody
  15. At the dump, in our station wagon. Classy....very classy.
  16. Standing up

    in a hammock.
  17. No accidental discharges; it's a negligent discharge.

  18. :popcorn:
  19. Walk in cooler at the stop n rob.
  20. Golf Course!
  21. On a food prep table in the kitchen of a restaurant. With the restaurant owner.
  22. Man, there are some good ones here. I guess my sex life is pretty boring.
  23. Women's fitting room in a mall clothing store. Pretty small store, too, so being quiet (and fast) was the name of the game.

    Good times.
  24. On the bandstand in a bar after closing time.
  25. At work in the HR office with the HR manager...She was a Freak BTW!

    This was obviously back in the 90’s when such behavior was not illegal, only frowned upon...

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  26. Well, if we define "deed" in the sense that a certain former President intimated that such "deed" was not, in fact, a "deed" at all...

    In the last seat in the last car of the Green Line on the last trip out of Government Center one evening.

    There was no negligence. Though, it was certainly reckless.
  27. Snowbank back in the winter of '82, several hoods of several cars. Not the Corvette though....don't want to crack it.
  28. @Hannie Caulder - I'm disappointed in you. I knew you did want to know! You should have just asked and put a stern warning lol.
  29. Gotta be careful about kids when this sort of thing happens.
  30. Hmmmmm....

    -On a couch under a blanket, 'spooning' while watching a movie with her(edit) best friend sitting across the room somehow transfixed by some crappy movie.

    - Saturday, summer afternoon, in my parents 4' above ground pool. They had no fence and all the houses nearby were raised ranches, so anyone going onto their deck was above us and could look down.

    - (at the time) GF's parent's bathroom during a outdoor family party with her grandparents, cousins etc. present. The parents owned a small ranch style house with ONE bathroom.

    That's all I can recall off the top of my head.
  31. 25 feet up a tree in a deer stand. Little hunting was done but it was quite the entertaining evening
  32. A woman picked me up on the beach back when I was a student. She asked me what my sexual fantasy was. We went into in the surf, but I did not think it was weird. Not enjoying sex is weird. Having to kick up off of the sand bottom with the incoming swells was different.
  33. BTDT. Warren Dunes... Her parents weren't around but there was a particularly nosy little girl with a scuba mask.
  35. About a block off the DMZ in Korea with my Boss!
  36. On top of a water side. Slow day. Behind closed interstate scales. Drove around gates. In a van looking out the back at the surf, Daytona Beach, people walking by. Adventurous sporty redhead that really liked doing the deed. Marred 46 years now. We have had lots of fun. There are more but I don't thing you would believe.
  37. Pervs.

    I did not ask @pgg00 to post this. I double dog dared him thinking he wouldn't do it.
    I was wrong. LOL
  38. Stairwell in the Peabody Hotel
  39. We knew. No need for explanations
  40. I can just picture how many guys are sitting there waiting to see if @Hannie Caulder replies in kind.


    Meanwhile, in Florida...
  41. Ahh but you did not refute my comment that you did want to know.

  42. Liberty Park Broad Daylight
  43. in an alley in Nashville.
  44. Bathroom in a hospital.
  45. While reading one of Hannies threads.
  46. I don't think self love counts.

  47. That's as good as asking. Plus you were too chicken. and we are all waiting for your answer