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    For Avoiding Embarassing Bathroom Situations While Visiting Friends Or Relatives.

    ~ Always test flush. Always do a preliminary test flush to determine what kind of toilet you're dealing with. Is it a weak or slow flusher? Is there enough flushing power for the job at hand?

    ~ Loud plopping can be muffled by using the landing pad technique. Place a single square of TP on the surface of the bowl water. This not only muffles plopping, but also prevents backsplash.

    ~ Minimizing bathroom stink-up using the syncro-flush technique. Bathroom stink-up occurs between the moment of release and the time of flushing. You can minimize odor by simultaneously flushing at the moment of release.

    ~ Post bowel movement bowl inspection. Always inspect the bowl for bum crumbs and slide marks upon completion.