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    Hey guys,

    I am interested in getting into HAM radio work but it seems like a large and daunting undertaking. I read through most of the posts here and did not find what i was looking for.

    I think a collection of links and other info would help people like me get out from behind the corner and get started.

    Links to test atking/ what the different levels are and such.

    Links to places that sell equipment at good prices.

    Links to general other info... you get the idea.

    Maybe if there is enough info the can sticky this for everyone to see.

    Just a thought

    Thanks for you help

    Grey Wolf
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    The American Radio Relay League:


    QRZ Home Page:


    E-Ham Home Page:


    All these sites provide lots of information, links, reviews, classified adds, contest information, VEC sites, testing assistance, etc. etc.

    There are more, but start here. It's a great hobby!!


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    Jun 21, 2004
    I am the Test Center manager and founder to the Connecticut regional testing center of trumbull connecticut and administer FCC licensing exams for all the levels of FCC Commercial and Amateur radion Licensing. we have a website at: http://www.441700.com

    if you go there and look under links icon on left side of the main opage yu will find all the links to over a hundred comapnies, manufacturers, dealers, as well as the Volunteering exam Co-ordinating groups such as W5YI/VEC Group, ARRL/VEC Group, National Radio Examiners and so on which will give you and show you info about Amateur Radio licening and all and also there are links on our website to get downloadable Question pools for all levels of amateur radion licensing. if you have any fuirther question please just ask me anytime if i can help i will. best wishes an good luck.
    kevin N1KGM;f