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Ham and Two way radios FS or trade

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I have a few radios to trade
6 GE MPS portable radios on VHF with a 6 position Rack charger that is a 3 hour charger. Radios talk to each other on 2 of the ten channels but can be programmed to talk on all channels. Batteries work but some only hold a charge for a few hours. All have new antennas $125. shipped
Radio shack HTX 252 VHF ham radio. 25 watt and 25 channels too I think. I used this in a small car for a few years and pulled it when I got rid of the car. Small crack in mic cable so I sleaved it and taped. only thing wrong I know of on that radio. $95.00 shipped
Yaesu Ft8500 VHF and UHF radio. A fireman was using this as his fire radio and will work all over the bands now. This radio will crossband repeat and has a display that shows both bands at the same time. Very nice radio and has the mobile bracket still with the radio. $260.00 shipped
I want a 5 or 6 HP outboard motor and depending on how nice the motor is I will trade all or part of these radios for the motor. No fixer uppers please motor has to be ready to use. I am in Louisville, KY

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