Halloween Joke

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    Old but still good.

    There’s a little boy who is getting ready to go Trick Or Treating for the very first time. As you may well imagine he is very excited. He puts a lot of thought into what he wants to dress up as and finally decides that he will be a pirate.

    So he begins to gather the different parts for his costume. He finds a pair of shoes with the big silver buckle, finds a pair of pants that are too short and are torn and tattered. He borrows a red and white striped shirt from his older brother, makes an eye patch and even manages to come up with the appropriate hat. He digs out his old toy sword from the back of the closet. He even teaches the family’s parrot to ride on his shoulder.

    The big night finally arrives and he is ready. He goes to the first house and, knocks on the door, yells “Trick Or Treat.” The homeowner comes out and is so impressed with his costume that he gives the boy extra candy. He receives many compliments and lots of extra candy through the night because of the detail put into his costume.

    It is getting time to go home and he decides to go to one more house. Knocks on the door, calls out “Trick Or Treat.” The lady comes out and she is so impressed she gives him many compliments, along with the rest of the candy. She decides to play up the pirate angle, and asks him; “Where are your buccaneers?”

    The little boy looks down at the ground for a moment and then looks the lady in the eye and replies: “On the side of my ‘buccan’ head.”
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    share your plight, on the daughters. Not sure they're good for one's mental, emotional, or financial stability... but other than THAT it's quite pleasant.