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  1. Been in this country for a month now and wow just wow. The news just does not show the devestation and destruction that you see in person. And dont get me started on the smell. The Haitians are friendly and so far o trouble from them, except the little kids coming up to the HUMVEE begging for food and water which we are prohibited from giving them. The adults are all asking for jobs, no food or nothing just jobs. I can really respect that.

    Drove by the presidential house yesterday and man, it is totally destroyed.
    Other than that nothing special here. Hot weather, heavy rain fall and a few small aftershocks here and there.

    I remember someone asking earlier abour ammo. We have ammo which is locked up in our arms container. When you leave the FOB you sign your weapon out. Taking ammo is optional, yes I said it is optional. So a lot of guys are out with weapons and no ammo and I tell them you just have a 7 pound paperweight. I always take at least 3 mags with me, nothing has happened here as far as a threat but being a Glock Talker I know better safe than sorry.

    Thats all for now, one month down and 3 to go.
  2. Thanks! Stay safe!
  3. Glad your alright, keep us posted. It's very interesting! :wavey:
  4. Good luck! I had orders to go but they got called off. Stay safe.

  5. no ammo?

    thats just askin for it. I'd carry more than I thought I needed so I could hand some to my neighbor if the SHTF.

    I don't think Teddy meant "speak softly and carry a big styrofoam stick"
  6. Have they hunted up all the inmates who escaped the prison there? Are there still men going around with machetes stealing and raping women? Why would anyone check out a weapon with no ammo?:dunno: I don't really expect any answers, but you might ask them the same questions.
  7. No ammo is the most insane thing I have ever heard. EVER!!:shocked:

    Its great people are helping out but like in any situation...be smart, be safe and don't bluff anyone. If they are desperate you cannot bluff someone who has nothing to lose.
  8. Thank you for your service, stay safe in zombie land :cool:
  9. Also thanks for your service and smart to ammo up. Take care and be safe.
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  11. So what's your mission this time if I have to ask?

    Security, search/rescue , UN argumentation or others?

    Rester en securitie , bon yovage
  12. Speaking of the bad guys, isn't Haiti one of the jump off/drop off points for drug runners out of South America. I spent 4 years in Haiti and the drug dealers ran certain parts of the country, when they could outmuscle the politicians for the turf.

    It is always the smart thing to do to carry with ammo in Haiti.