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had to put a dog down today :(

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my girlfriend's mom's dog, that is.

i got him for her a couple years or so ago; my Aunt is a real estate agent, and had a couple looking to give away their lab/shepherd mix when they moved. they said he was 6, but we figure he was about 8 at the time.

Virgil (they named him, not us! :cool: ) enjoyed his couple years up on a farm in mid Michigan very much. he despised my dog, but was best friends with my girlfriend's puppy.

unfortunately, me and my g/f had to take him in today; his health had been up and down, and his 'mom' was in Europe. major downturn took place, so we took him in :sad:

he was a great dog, VERY loyal and supportive, and will be sorely missed :sad:

it was an honor to sweat my butt off digging a nice grave for him, and i have a feeling my g/f feels the same way :angel::angel::angel:
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My prayers are with you over the loss of a Family Member.
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