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Had I seen this years ago it would have save me loads of trouble.

  1. I learned too late in life,

    Just be honest.

    Tell the woman yer 'a courtin', you just want to get laid. Many women are receptive to this honesty. And it quickly rules out the ones who aren't.
  2. If your wife looked like the one in the video you wouldn't be spending much time on GT.
  3. Maybe it's just me but I thought the "woman" in the video reminded me of G&KLady, except with less peepee whacking.
    Hated him....... Leery of her.
  4. Yeah, she reminded me of G&KLady, too. Too bad she got booted, I enjoyed her posts and her lack of tolerance for BS and fools.
  5. Effin Kuks
  6. I don’t understand the issues guys have with women. Just be yourself. If she doesn’t like you, go find another. You aren’t doing any good by pretending to be someone you’re not. There is a seat for every ass out there. You’ll find the right one eventually.
  7. I miss GKL, too. Her no BS policy was pretty refreshing.

    It was alway fun watching some machismo slanted bonehead trying to challenge her.

    It was like Friday night smack down, only in text form.
  8. she popped up recently.
  9. Steve Urkel!
    Oh, man! That's just too much!
  10. Women are just as nasty if not more nasty than men. Don’t be fooled. They get what they want by any means necessary. A few beers and a sandwich is my usual price. I’ve had no complaints yet.
  11. This guy does a number of these sort of videos and he's not a whiny Liberal.
  12. My last wife had the recurring "how much did THAT cost?" symptom.

    A generic "couple hundred dollars" smoothed things out even though thousands were spent.

    The current wife is an enabler - she made me buy a new car a couple of weeks ago.
  13. He’s a mocking genius with a variety of great videos. I bet he gets hammered with hate mail.
  14. He skewers the left every chance he gets.

    View: https://youtu.be/gHSVjmO4iJY
  15. yup, he is just emulating what limp wristers do and they are the ones to blame for the mockery. My dad used to say "If you don't like being mocked, stop doing stupid sh%t"
  16. He left put the part where you buy your ugly girlfriend fake boobs.
  17. Ooops...
  18. ...
  19. Don't you guys have a garage? Geez, be honest, if she does not like it go out to the garage.
  20. And sadly was gone about as fast as she reappeared.
  21. Yeah, that was really too bad.
    She provided a some balance and a different perspective.

  22. Many years ago, while going through a divorce, a neighbor knocked on my door one evening, and when I answered, she held up a glass and asked, "Got any ice I can borrow?"


    "Have any Coke?"


    "Got any Rum?"


    "Good. Let's have a party. Just you and me."

    "C'mon in."

    Best weekend I'd had in a lonnnnnnnnng time! :)
  23. [​IMG]
    Actually the guy is pretty funny and accurate. Thanks for posting.