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H&K Sales Brochure (in German)

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I had dinner last night with a friend and her husband here in Germany since I'm over seas on a business trip.

During our evening out, we got to talking about handguns since my friend told me her husband goes to the shooting range all the time.

After dinner, we went back to their house to chat a while. A few minutes later, he hands me an H&K Brochure and told me he would like me to have it. It's all in German and I think it's one of the collest things he could have given me from his collection. I don't know how easy it is to come across literature like this since it's so difficult to purchase a firearm in Germany so I appreciate it all the more because I think it was probably a prize possession of his.

He owns an SFP9 (our equivalent to the VP9). In Germany, they use an American acronym in its reference and not the VP reference which he had come to tell me means Volks Pistola (people's pistol). He had to show me his of course!

This new friend of mine has invited me to go shooting with him here in Germany. I couldn't go this evening so I asked him if the offer would still stand for my next visit and he exclaimed, 'of course!' I'm hoping to head back in a couple months and when I do, I'll have a few goodies for him - stickers, brochures, magazines.

He showed me some really cool range photos of a range where he has veteran privileges. If you thought Germans took pride in their designs of devices such as handguns, you ought to see the quality of range safety they have in place at the facility where he goes. The range protective barriers he showed me are made of a wood layer shaped in a rectangle with a very large opening so you can see the lane. Behind the wood barrier is a poured concrete barrier. There were 4 of these barriers and the wood looked almost like furniture grade wood. The structure itself was meticulously measured, symmetric across the range, and very tall. As you looked further down the range, you could see the sides of 3 others placed at intervals of what looked like 5 yards apart.

A common range distance he says they use for shooting isn't self-defense range like many of us see at our local ranges (5-7 yds). He shoots at 25 yds normally. He showed me one of his targets from the range. His grouping wasn't too bad considering how far it was.

It was sad to have to wrap up such a fun evening but I had to get back to my hotel. I'm very thankful to have gotten this amazing opportunity to meet someone so far away from where I live, who shares a common interest in H&K products. The world is a really small place.