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guntracker vs. blue book invetory software

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hey guys ive been wanting to get a firearms software to have an easy way of keepin pics of the guns the values and etc. i was just wanderin which one i should go with the 2 i have seemed to find that seem to be the best is guntracker and blue books inventory software. do any of u guys have any experience with either of thes if so did u like it. and if any of u have had experience with both which do u like better.also if u know of another software program for firearms inventory id be glad to hear about it too. thanks guys
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I use Clayton Pryor's nmcollector

Clayton is a gun collector who wrote the software and sells it commercially. You might check eBay or one of the gun forums for deals on it.

Never used either of the ones you mention, so no comparison here, sorry.
I use an Open Office Spreadsheet. Take pic of the gun, Size it to where I want it, Record Make Model, caliber and Serial #, then add the next one. With a little resizing of the columns to make everything line up right, I get 4 firearms per section of the sheet. There are numerous sections on each sheet. From A1, to I stopped looking at IV21000

Works fine and Open Office is free. It was pretty easy to set up, I imagine it could be set up in any spreadsheet program. Back the spreadsheet up to a CD or other source, and add guns as you obtain them. I don't know how many guns I could get onto an entire sheet, but it would be several, I've only got about 10 on there now but only 4 are in view in the pic above, I'm sure you get the idea...

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