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GunShow at Jamil Temple Apr 14-15

  1. caught wind of a gunshow at the jamiltemple in april on the 14&15.:)
  2. I believe that I'm gonna attend. I'm looking to pick up a nice S&W 642 or 442. Plus I'm gonna need some reloading supplies as well.
  3. Don't forget there is a gun show at the fairgrounds in Columbia on March 17 & 18. I went to the last one they had there in Dec.
  4. I got a really good deal on .45 ammo the last fairgrounds show. I'm sure to go back again.
  5. i bought my ar from that one last year:thumbsup:
  6. i'll be there around eleven this morning. in the market for an EOTech,BUIS or another AR:banana:
  7. I go to all of them. Same old thing, no special prices much. Just dealers with 10% off list price. Can't help but go though. Usually get more and more ammo.
  8. What time do they open?
  9. Usually opens Saturday at 9am, Sunday at 10am.
  10. Just got back, same old stuff. Fast Cash Pawn was NOT there, a vendor mentioned something about the owner being killed in a robbery??? Would hate to see them go as they were the best place to buy new handguns.
  11. What time does the show end?
  12. That could explain the lack of new guns. I think there was only 1 vender with new handguns. At least only 1 that I noticed.
  13. I went to the Fairgrounds show. I enjoy it. I missed the jamil temple one. I had to work.