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Guns for Sale/Trade (GA)

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Guns are for sale or trade. FTF is possible around Griffin, GA or will ship. Trades wants include but are not limited to Glocks, HKs, Sigs with rails, 1911s (no Lamas, Dan Wesson, or full sized Para Ordinance), Smith and Wessons, Colts, Lever guns in pistol calibers, convertible Rugers, Ruger Carbine rifles and shotguns, Beretta handguns, Browning handguns and Belgium Shotguns/Auto Rifles. I would be interested in others but do not need any ARs, AKs, M1s, SKSs, or Optics.

Email [email protected] for information.

Colt Mark IV Series 70 Nickel Government – Gun is in excellent condition with only a small ding on the top of the frame as shown in the pictures. The gun sports real ivory grips and there is an unknown round count. Comes with one magazine. $1200 Gun Pictures/Ivory-27001.jpg Gun Pictures/Ivory-27002.jpg Gun Pictures/Ivory-27003.jpg Gun Pictures/Ivory-27004.jpg Gun Pictures/Ivory-27005.jpg Gun Pictures/Ivory-27010.jpg

Colt Pony Pocketlite – Gun is in about 90% condition and comes with two magazines. Normal wear from carry and use. Unknown round count. Gun will come with owner’s manual. $650 Gun Pictures/ColtPony002.jpg Gun Pictures/ColtPony003.jpg Gun Pictures/ColtPony004.jpg Gun Pictures/ColtPony005.jpg

Springfield Armory V10 Ultra Compact High Capacity – Gun’s condition is about 90% with normal wear from use. Comes with box, manual, and three magazines. One is a 12 round Para Ordinance and two are SA 10 rounders. Unknown round count. $650 Gun Pictures/LeverV10s027.jpg Gun Pictures/LeverV10s028.jpg Gun Pictures/LeverV10s029.jpg Gun Pictures/LeverV10s030.jpg Gun Pictures/LeverV10s031.jpg

HK USP Compact in .40 S&W. The gun is in excellent condition with night sights and three 12 round magazines. Comes with factory box, papers, and lock. Unknown round count as I am not the original owner. $750 Gun Pictures/HKSig001.jpg Gun Pictures/HKSig002.jpg Gun Pictures/HKSig003.jpg Gun Pictures/HKSig004.jpg Gun Pictures/HKSig005.jpg Gun Pictures/HKSig006.jpg

HK P30L in 9mm. The gun has had 700 rounds fired and is in excellent condition with a small bluing wear on the mag release. The gun has night sights comes with the box, papers, and lock. Gun comes with two factory magazines. $775 Gun Pictures/HKSig007.jpg Gun Pictures/HKSig008.jpg Gun Pictures/HKSig009.jpg Gun Pictures/HKSig010.jpg Gun Pictures/HKSig011.jpg Gun Pictures/HKSig012.jpg

Smith and Wesson Model 686-3 – .357 magnum w/ 2.5 inch barrel in excellent condition better than 95% with stag and rubber grips. Unknown round count and gun comes with factory box, paperwork, and tools but the box serial number is not the same as gun. $750 Gun Pictures/686Stag001.jpg Gun Pictures/686Stag002.jpg Gun Pictures/686Stag003.jpg Gun Pictures/686Stag004.jpg Gun Pictures/686Stag005.jpg Gun Pictures/686Stag006.jpg

Ruger SP01 – Gun is LNIB with only 50 rounds fired. Three inch barrel . $475 Gun Pictures/SP01-01.jpg Gun Pictures/SP01-02.jpg Gun Pictures/SP01-03.jpg Gun Pictures/SP01-04.jpg
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