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    Just a heads-up, courtesy of Phil Carter's Intel-Dump blog.

    Phil says: Frank Rich hads a characteristically acerbic piece in Sunday's NYT on a new movie set for release in the coming months: "Gunner Palace". The name comes from the former Hussein palace that the 2-3 Field Artillery battalion converted into its headquarters in Iraq. (FN: 2-3 FA was the unit in which last year's Person of the Year soldiers served.) I've seen the trailers for the movie and heard from friends involved with this project that it is nothing short of stunning -- a "must see" for everyone this spring when it hits the theaters. Go to the Gunner Palace website and check out what I mean. It's an indie film, and it was filmed under sub-optimal conditions in Iraq, so the production quality is not what you'd get from a Hollywood blockbuster. But what it does is let the soldiers and events tell their own stories -- good, bad and ugly. Gunner Palace is a fine piece of filmmaking and a fine piece of journalism, and I highly recommend it."

    For those unaware, Phil Carter is a former AC MP officer, currently in the Reserves and recently passed the bar after law school at UCLA. He writes a very good weblog on international, legal, and military affairs and I highly recommend it.