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Gunfighter Moment – John McPhee

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by Alias_Training, Oct 6, 2012.

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    John McPhee - Sheriff of Baghdad


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    This is a new weekly installment to the world famous Soldier Systems Industry Daily featuring words of wisdom from an Alias Training & Security Services affiliated instructor. The instructors will be on a rotation every week.

    Gunfighter Moment – John McPhee

    Mad Minute

    The Mad Minute can make or break a unit’s ability to shift on the fly or flex to the situation. This is a simple concept and when used effectively is a combat multiplier. Warrior leaders, use this and your warriors will never fail you.
    This is how the Mad Minute works. Say you have 10 targets to hit in one night. During planning and the Orders brief or however your unit does it, have your guys remember just the first target. Tell them there are additional targets and to be prepared for a long night, but have them know the first one cold. You execute and the first hit goes down flawless. Before you load vehicles or exfil (depart your target) leaders talk over the plan for what’s next on the hit list. Then leaders brief your warriors and make sure they are tracking (understand) on the next plan. If there is no time, brief the plan in the vehicle. If you’re in a helicopter draw stick figures on paper or small white board. It’s easy. Depict house, helo, men and an arrow of which way to move to the target. Simple caveman cave wall drawings. This way it’s fresh in the warriors’ minds and they know what to do. Establish stick man SOPs if need be.