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Gun shows nowadays

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It has been a long time since I have been to a gun show. The last gun show I went to I was VERY disappointed. There were a lot of Knick knack tables...flea market type of items. I have been reading that a lot of this has been cleaned up.

But I think my biggest disappointment was paying $10 or $15 per person to get in and finding that everything in the show was VERY over priced. It was during the time that gun sales and prices were through the roof but I could have driven to an LGS just down the road and paid considerably less for the ammo and guns that were for sale.

So I am curious if all of this has changed or will it be more of the same?? I remember a day ( loooong time ago ) where you could go to a gun show and find deals on things you were looking for.
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gun shows are becoming like Cd's, DVD's, landline phones, magazines and newspapers.... obsolete and irrelevant. a friend of mine wants to sell some guns and I told him to list it online, but he wont have any of that. he prefers to sit at a table and try to sell them to the limited market who actually attends the show. he just wont accept that an online listing will reach far more people than a gun show in the midwest.
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