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Gun show today

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Was crowded as expected. 223 ammo was insane still at a buck a round on average.
Bought a SW shield for 449, really was not planning on it as I have a walther pps, but you know how it goes.
Almost bought a python that looked never fired,. It was 1969 vintage, blue with a 4" barrel. They wanted 1750 firm. It had no box. What do you guys think?

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I've got a 6" blue python, that is "never fired"(yeah right). But it does sure look it anyway.
So the 4", while tempting, was not screaming "buy me" too bad...but if it had the box etc......

My next python will be a 6" SS version.

And I much prefer my PPS to the Shield. I will probably end up selling/trading it.

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