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Gun Show Ruminations

  1. Well, the gun show was in town this weekend, so I scraped some money together and checked it out. I went with intention of finding a deal on an old K-Frame, but was disappointed with a poor selection and absurd prices. It seems folks were unreasonably proud of most of what was there...even the junky stuff. However, I did get to check out some kit I hadn't had a chance to see in person as yet.

    The Glock 43 is a beautiful little piece. It's purposeful and nicely built; neither too large nor too small. I was very impressed until I handled it back to back with a G-26. For the big catcher's mitts I call hands, the G-26 is a better fit. In a perfect world, I'd buy both...but times being as they are, I have to show restraint.

    I also got to handle a Kel-Tec Sub2000 Gen 2. I know that K-T is sort've looked upon as a second-tier outfit, but this sub-rifle is slick. Build quality is much improved and thoughtful features were incorporated into the redesign. The trigger pull is a little stiff, but apart from that it seems to be a screaming bargain at $500. If I had the factory's ear, I'd recommend that it be chambered in .357 Sig. Apart from that, it's the best thing going for around the farm or in the truck. I've already put $200 in a jelly jar towards one...
  2. I agree...I've attended a few show myself recently...the G43 is nice but when I compare with my usual carry (G26) I'll stick with what I have.

    There are a lot of crazy prices,I don't get all the fascination some people have with those tiny SIGS (238 & 938)...a rainbow slide..really.? :af:
  3. I have found that the gunshows that come through Columbus don't have much worth looking at.
  4. Good Luck in acquiring your desires.
  5. I can't remember the last time that I went to a local show here in VA to actually but a gun. I generally go for ammo, mags, and accessories. I am heading to the Tulsa show this Nov though to see what I can turn up. I went back in 2006 and it is truly an amazing show.
  6. Here in Texas I go to shows a couple times a year, mainly to look although I found a used revolver at the last show that I brought home. I would rather pay a little more for a firearm that I can handle than get a "great deal" from online. That said I have purchased from online sites as I could not find certain guns anywhere else.
  7. Gunshows were great when I was a kid.
    Now I find myself getting the itch every few years to go to one, but it is always almost the same.

    The last one I waded through a bunch of junk. It was looking like a waste of five bucks when I found the one dealer that was pricing guns to sell.

    Hello RO 9mm.
  8. At some point, I will go back and read the rest of the thread that posted before me, but for the moment cannot hold back on my totally subjective opinion.

    The 43 may never end up in my quiver, but not because it is lacking in any way. It is just that I have better, smaller, more easily concealed. In a smaller caliber. Where I am happy. End of story.

    As far as the Kel Tec.

    I have the Gen 1. And am happy with it, with the addition of a tiny lower rail and a flashlight. For me, it is the perfect close order home defense weapon.
  9. For some reason I went to the last few gun shows here. I shouldn't have.
  10. If I wasn't trying to sell a couple of long guns, I wouldn't go.

    Dealers seem to be most interested, but I'm not interested in selling at 1/10 my asking. So if a dealer asks to see them, I pass.