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Gun show in Milton Florida

  1. For anyone in or going to be in North Florida there will be a gun show in Milton April 21 & 22 at the santa rosa county auditorium here is the link for directions:


    Hope to see you there
  2. Where is Milton? Can't find it on my GPS for some reason. Where is it near?
  3. Here is the address of course I just tried to click on the link to the map on that website I listed and it did not work

    4530 Spikes Way
    Milton, FL 32583

    Put that in Mapquest
  4. I got one table in the lobby cause I have many to sell or trade stop by and say hello

  5. Found it. Gonna try to make it up.
  6. See you there :wavey:
  7. Outstanding, right now I ma bringing four S&W 9mm, a sig, a AK, beretta, and a couple more. I am really excited just hate being stuck in the lobby but it is my first time.

    By the way Bucky69 avatar is way better than mine. See you in Milton

  8. Do you mind if I ask what model numbers?
  9. Not at all, I have a 59, 469,4006, 5904, 4506, and a model 64 revolver with a 3" barrel- that is more than four huh? Not all 9mm either, I got a bunch.

  10. Just a reminder the gun show in milton is this weekend the address is listed above if you need directions off mapquest. Hope to see you there.

  11. Milton show is coming back to town July 21 and 22 come on out the directions are above any questions let me know.