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gun engraving and smithing questions.

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by army_inc, Oct 11, 2011.

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    Jul 22, 2010
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    <P>So I'm going to do a gunsmithing class when I get home from Iraq. I have a few questions. I'm considering going to the Sonoran Desert Institute (it's an at home class at your own pace) or getting the stuff from American Gunsmithing Institute (again at home at your own pace). I haven't really heard much about either one. Has anyone ever done it. I heard that AGI is ok but can be expensive. I'm basically looking to keep it at pistols. I like pistols and want to work on them. ANy ideas on how to do this and at which place?</P>
    <P>As for gun engraving. I'm going to take a class that's about a week long and should hopefully teach me how to do scroll work, skrimshaw and some other things. Do we have any engravers here that have any advice on what to study to help me? Or just in general what to look over during and after my class to help get me proficient in engraving. </P>
    <P>Any advice on gunsmithing and engraving would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.</P>
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    I'll give you my .02, remembering that you get from my advice EXACTLY what you paid for it:wavey:

    BTW, THANK YOU for your service.

    Ok, I can only speak for AGI. There are many IF'S that YOU must answer before spending ANY of your hard earned cash. The AGI people are great to work with (even though I have had disagreements with them...they have always kept their word) and once you enroll in the school you have access to a website where you can get specific answers to questions online. I use that service, but there are times when I call the school. They are always prompt in their replies.

    The videos are highly detailed...please TAKE NOTES. I say this for two reasons. Easier to pass the tests (and no, it's not cheating...the amount of information is staggering) and you will have it for future use. Undoubtedly, you will get something in to work on that is odd ball or whatever. Then reference your notes and go on making money. You also get to keep the vids and use them for tests. I do look at the vids for refresher stuff, but I refer to my notes regularly. So take notes.

    I would suggest you get the Master Gunsmithing course if you can afford to do it. You get the welding and machine shop stuff to boot and it's dang good. The MSG course vids are different from the takedown and assembly vids on the AGI site. The MGS stuff is entirely more comprehensive.

    The tests are VERY, VERY DIFFICULT. If you can pass the tests, you can do the work for sure. This is NOT a slap happy deal. If you don't kow the course work you WILL fail the test (don't question me on this :whistling:).

    I was worried about not having the specific weapon in my hands. It is nice, but not required. I have borrowed friends stuff and worked on them for free to have stuff to work on before I opened the shop. It does help. There are ways to find guns to use for reference.

    AGI has people to help with student loans or VA stuff. So that Helps as well.

    If you have more specific question shoot them at me and I'll see if I can help.