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Gun Belt Tightness

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  2. You've got a "good stiff belt"... What kind of belt is it? It sounds like your belt is your problem.

  3. I wear it comfortable.
    Just tight enough to support the weight and keep the gun in one spot but loose enough I can breathe.
    A good stiff belt is better than a floppy belt any day when it comes to supporting a gun.
    If you've just started carrying, give your gear a few weeks to break in to your body.
  4. That's the thing, I question whether he is actually using a "good stiff belt"...

  5. I am at the position now where, one hole extra and I can't move and one less creates the sag. :crying:

    I always go tighter ....
  6. Take it to a leather working shop and have 'em punch another hole in your belt.
    It's not exactly rocket science.
  7. With a real belt, it does not have to be tight to hold your pants up. Really weird and never made sense to me until I got a beltman belt. And mine is just a 1.25" - holds a G19 and spare mag no problem.

    Does not have to be tight or constricting at all.
  8. With a good belt it should be comfortable, also depends on your waist!
  9. i carry a 23 on one side and a mag pouch on the other. the belt i use is a wilderness 1.5 with the stiffener. the holsters i use are glock sport, m-tac, and fobus paddle. i notice the same thing, comfy and stuff wants to sag a bit. secure, and the rig get uncomfortable over time. i think i made a mistake getting the stiffener. i bought the belt for a 1911 so i got the stiffener, but i now i always carry glocks [23&27].
    i know a cheap belt won't work but for my glocks i think the stiffener works against me. i'll probably get a wilderness without the stiffener or maybe try a beltman. i was even thinking of taking the stiffener out.
  10. This thread is funny, and right on time..

    I just got a Crossbreed Holster, and replaced an old all-kydex brand for IWB carry of my G30.

    The Crossbreed spreads out the weight really well, and really is very comfy..

    The problem is, there's so little friction that the rig tends to pull my pants down on that side.. and this never happened with the Kydex.. same pants, same belt..

    I guess I'll invest in a better belt, since that's the default naswer around here..

    This struck me funny because I've been dealing with this for a few days, and here's this thread..

    I'll just hitch up my pants, and listen to your words of wisdom..

    Thanks! :wavey:

    As for the Duppa.. I'm more fireplug than big hips.. that may have something to do with it also.. :rofl:
  11. Grab a crossbreed belt! I ordered one when I got my supertuck and man its nice. I can't speak for the beltman belts other than saying I have heard nothing but great reports. I think they cost a bit more than crossbreed belts do, but probably worth it.
  12. you're right and you are no scientist .... I ain't punching a bunch of holes in my 100+ dollar belt, thank you very much.
  13. You're right.
    Nobody ever has expensive clothes tailored to fit properly.
  14. With a proper gunbelt and holster, it isn't necessary to overtighten your gunbelt.
  15. Do as you please .... when the belt fails and the manufacturer refuses to warranty because it's been altered .... I'll work with what I have, Thanks for the kind words.
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  17. I know that may be your opinion, but what you've described sounds like a belt problem.