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Guidelines For Posting Feedback Here

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Folks, there have been a couple of feedback posts removed recently, due to their content. I want to take a moment to cover the guidelines for such posts:

  • The post must contain specific information about what the person reportedly did wrong. Personal insults and general critisism of the person is not allowed. <b><i>"This guy is a jerk! Don't do business with him!"</i></b> is not valid feedback.
  • The post cannot contain any threats towards the person or requests to others to help get the guy or gather more info on him. I can't have this sort of thing on the site.
  • Keep your info as honest and factual as possible. Do not generalize or exaggerate.

If the feedback post violates the guidelines above or the site's TOS, or the person the post is directed at proves to my satisfaction that the post is untrue or inaccurate, it will be removed.

Feedback like this can be a valuable tool for everyone, but it is also quite easy to abuse. Negative comments can do real harm to someone whether they are true or not, even if they are later retracted. I will not allow people to use this system as a weapon.

Please post negative feedback posts as fairly as you can and please do not post negative feedback until you have exhausted all reasonable methods of resolving the problem first.

If someone posts what you believe to be inaccurate or untrue feedback concerning you, email me at [email protected] . Please include as much info as possible about the problem.

If it is proven to my satisfaction that anyone here defrauded another member, I will cooperate fully with any criminal or civil action against them and they will be banned.