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Hello and welcome to GT's Military forums area. These forums are dedicated to current and former members of all of the nation's military branches. You do not have to have served in the military to post here, but I want everyone who does post here to be polite and respectful towards this nation's military and those who serve or served in it.

<b><font color="red">I want to be very clear about this: These forums are not to be used to discuss whether or not this nation should be involved in a given war or theater of activity. These forums are NOT to discuss the politics of military action. Period. If you want to discuss such things, do so in GT's AWOT or Political Issues forums.

These forums are not here for people to bash or ridicule this country's military, or any member or branch of it. If you don't like the military, keep it to yourself or post it somewhere else. I did not create these forums to debate the military's role on the world stage or as a place to run down the people who serve our country. If it is your intention to do so, you won't be here long.</font></b>

You can post on the main level of this forum, about general military issues, or any any of the subforums. When you post in the subforums, please keep your posts related to that branch of the service.

I know that some interservice rivalry is a normal and probably necessary thing, but please do not let it get out of hand. We all serve the same nation and each other.

I am a veteran of the US Army and I have the highest regard for those who choose to serve our nation. Welcome to the military forums and God bless. Eric
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