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Guess my sense of humor is TOO dry ...

  1. Don't tell me you've been around long enough to remember the "I left my G26 on the john in Wal Mart" thread?
  2. Doesn't ring a bell. Maybe that's why it wasn't funny to everyone; they associated it with that other thread.

    Doesn't matter, threads pass quickly into history on this forum.
  3. A dry sense of humor is required for gun ownership. It's even in the by-laws of the NRA.

    I mean... how else are you going to tell your wife with a straight face that your latest purchase is really a paperweight?
  4. Most do, but this one was on par with the Mall Ninja thread.
  5. Yeah, the response you got was mostly from the regular "Carry Issues" crowd. The question of "What do you do with your gun when you use the bathroom" comes up about twice a week in that forum.

    I hate to admit it, but when I was younger and new to carrying a firearm I actually dropped a gun in the toilet once. Fortunately, it was not a public toilet, and it was before I had used the facilities.

  6. YIKES!! :shocked:
  7. Well, to answer ... I don't remember which responder's response, but that is exactly why I unholster before I drop trou. A gun is top-heavy on a pair of pants/belt, and can fall out of a holster when it's upside down.

    Oh, and if Cokeman happens to read this, I do lay several layers of paper on the top of the tank before laying the gun down.

    Not a bad suggestion of shoeless' though, to keep the gun closer to avoid any possibility of having a temporary mental vacation, and forgetting it.

    So, I'm a little curious ... am I the only one unholstering to go to the john, or just the only one admitting it?

  8. Yep, I had a cheap, floppy belt and cheap holster and when I undid my belt the gun just flopped out into the toilet bowl.

    I stood there staring at it for a second reflecting on what an idiot I was and then I got it out, cleaned it and sold it.

    I've since upgraded my gear significantly, and learned all the tricks for using the restroom while armed, trying on clothes while armed, going to doctor's visits while armed, etc.
  9. I don't unholster, but my TS UCR holster and G35 are not unstable and have no desire to flip.