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GTarmy Manual and Description.

Discussion in 'GTArmY - Join The Fight!' started by Malkuth, Sep 28, 2008.

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    This is basically a written up explanation of how to Play GTARMY. Try to put in what I know of the game and how things work. Anything you guys want to add to this please PM me and I will add it. (hints and tips ect)

    About GTARMY

    Each member begins their adventure by choosing a Race which had certain advantages over other races. They begin with a few soldiers and a bit of gold, and must build their army by fighting other players.

    Players can buy weapons for their soldiers to increase their attack strength, and buy armor to increase their soldier's defense strength. However, each soldier can only use one weapon and one item of armor. Players can also upgrade their Defense and Offense to increase their defensive and offensive strengths by a percentage.

    Players can browse through a list of participating players. They can conduct intelligence operations by sending Spies, which cost a set amount of gold to purchase. The more spies you send, the more accurate the intelligence you gather will be. Gathered intelligence gives you an estimate of the players total gold, offensive power, and defensive power.

    If you choose to attack a player you must use "Turns." You only get a certain amount of turns every 24 hours. The more turns you use, the more gold you will steal from your opponent. Be warned though, your opponent will know that you attacked them by viewing their Defense Log.

    Naturally it is important to grow your army. The only way to get soldiers in the game is to have your friends click your "Recruitment Link" They can only click it once every 24 hours, and each time they do you will recieve one soldier.

    How To Play

    Right now the game is based on Attacking the other Players Empires to take the gold that they own.

    To attack the other players simply select the Player List in the Navigation table on the Left side of screen.

    Move through the list and Select the name of the player you want to attack.
    In the menu that pops up you have a few choices.

    Intelligence Info tells you what you know about the Players Empire.
    Gathered Intelligence This fills up when you use a spy and tells you what the players Defense rating is. And what is Offense rating is. And his gold supply.
    Attack This shows you the amount of attacks you have, you get 15 a day. So use them wisely. At this time I see no reason to use more then 1 attack per player. Also right now attack turns accumulate. So if you don't use them they will be added to the next days attack turns. This might change later.. But right now that is how it works.
    Gather Intelligence This is where you can use spies to gather intelligence on the player. Best to do this for you know what he has for gold and defenses.

    After you attack you will go to another screen telling you how you did. And how much gold you stole from the other player, and or if you failed.

    Buying Weapons

    To buy a weapon for your Army look at the Navigation menu on left and select the Armory.

    The Armory

    This gives you a list of weapons that you have bought, and can buy and a general run down of how much gold you have and the number of soldiers in your army.

    If you have 10 soldiers they need weapons. So if you buy 10 weapons you will Update your Offensive % modifiers to make it easier to attack other players.

    You can also buy Defenses and this will modify your Defense % modifiers for when someone attacks you to help you keep your gold.

    If you want you can buy as many Weapons or armor you want to protect your gold.

    Upgrades Give you a % increase for a cost to either your Offense or Defense Modifiers.

    Selling weapons Their is a 5% sales charge to every weapon you sell. But sometimes its worth it to protect that gold.

    About Spies

    Spies are important to buy for you can see what the other players have for gold and stats. You can guy spies from the Navigation list on the left where it says Buy Spies

    Defense and attack log

    This gives you a list of the players you have attacked and the players that have attacked you. So if you want revenge for that guy that stole your gold this is where you want to look for the culprit.


    This is your homepage which list your army size, your gold, your offensive and defense modifiers, and your Bonus Offense and Defense Buildings.


    This is the only way right now to get more Soldiers for your army. You get one free click for yourself in 24 hour period. And you can copy your link location down and give other players the link. When they click the link they also will add another soldier to your ranks. Right now it only works one way though. If you want to repay the person, you have to ask for his link and click his to add a soldier to him.
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