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    Jan 23, 2010
    This seems like the most appropriate place for this, so hello all. Name's Robert, Live in TN (Memphis area), am a former Marine reservist (0311 no overseas duties), have been working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons for about 10 years now, and been in corrections for about 13 years now. This is my first firearm forum. Discovered it researching about what is about to be my first firearm purchase, G29. Had a Browning hi-power given to me once by a relative but didn't have much nee for it at the time so ene up selling it to my father. We have 4 .22's in the house but nothing more substantive. Any time I had money to buy a gun I ended up spending on my car. Not this time! Brand was never a question always wanted a Glock. Just had to decide which one. Being no stranger to large caliber guns (.50 & .44 DE's, 357's 45 etc) and not really caring about other costs such as ammo prices etc. the .10 drew me in. Taxes are file ans as soon as it gets here will be heade to my local dealer to make the buy. Looking foreward to being apart of this community,