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GT Being Watched? Bet Your Bippy!

  1. This vid... as silly as it starts out to be ... has something embedded in it for everyone here to seriously consider.

    Do not TL-DR this one......

    It's about a diesel truck guy who makes repairs and mods trucks for friends, neighbors and his 'customers'... you know ----> the clowns who black out an intersection for fun..... and coincidentally may have started the Apple Fire (Google that for yerself)

    But even though the innocuous stuff he does on the internet ...... concerning his viewing, ordering, buying, on YouTube, Ebay, Amazon, etc....... it gets him a Red Flag visit from Homeland Security .............

    I really recommend it be watched! This could happen to anyone here on GT .....

    View: https://youtu.be/270sLN5WL2I
  2. [​IMG]
  3. You should presume you are being watched all the time, and everywhere.
    But you already knew that, loyal comrade.
  4. But who watches the watchers?
  5. tagged.
  6. Considering i lost all my firearms in an unfortunate boating accident, I'm not too worried.
  7. They had a record of things he had purchased on the internet. Wow, that is where I think I would get ugly and ask for the warrant he used to get that information and then tell him the conversation is over and they can talk to my attorney.

    This is way past absurd. If you homeland twits know so much about my orders then you should know what is in them.

    The other side of this coin - those sights are selling them and advertising them like crazy so apparently someone is buying. Who is buying these things? I cannot imaging there are many decent gun owners with a knowledge of suppressors that are willing to buy illegal crap from china.
  8. They also record everything you've had for supper.....which is filed by The Department of Health.
  9. I read an article in the last week or so (it might have been on here) where they were cracking down on suppressors sold on ebay from China. They were raiding the warehouses and getting purchasing invoices about the customers and then showing up to their houses. They don't need a warrant specifically on your purchases, they already have it from purchasing and shipping invoices they seized.
  10. Very interesting, but not surprising.
  11. DOH follows Hannie’s thread.
  12. I think Edward Snowden proved we are being watched by our own government.
  13. That actually seems fairly reasonable but was not the case here. In this case they were monitoring and investigating an innocent citizen without a warrant. If they had a case of suppressors and invoices for people ordering them they have probable cause to investigate and they are working it from the crime end where they should be. BIG difference. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  14. Snowden told us what smartphones are really for. He wasn't lying either.
  15. Thats awesome... i`ll save all my bean farts in a mason jar for them. I`ll let them bake in the sun. If they show up to my door, i`ll have all the evidence of my supper last night ready to go.
  16. fy4v.gif
  17. Big Brother.jpg
  18. I don't have any firearms. I'm just here for the fellowship.
  19. Of course they are... they are watching "your" money, it`s "their" paycheck.
    This is why they want to eliminate currency. Credit cards are easier to track & watch.
  20. Privacy is and has always been an illusion!
  21. Hey, it's in my sig line that I've had for ever.

    * Don't say things on the interwebs that can get you in trouble.
    * Don't post personal information.
    Would it kill you to have the Balsamic dressing instead of Blue Cheese?
  22. They don't ask questions unless they already know the answer. It's a test, and an opportunity for self-incrimination and for them to stack on the charges. Say nothing, only tell them to get off the property and close the door in their face.
  23. Absolutely 100% correct!!!
  24. Plus, if it comes down to them asking about your purchases, we are well beyond the constitutionality of the situation.
  25. You can buy drugs and sex slaves on the internet, but they are too scared to watch that. But find a board of almost entirely law abiding gun owners and throw up as many red flags as you like!
  26. Glad I just buy cheap car parts from china....
  27. Apparently there's no more raping, robbing, shooting, stabbing or illegals to investigate.
  28. I'm not surprised at all. Every phone call and text you send are recorded. All of your internet activity.
    It's all recorded somewhere. Just in case.
    Believe it.
  29. As400guy1, that's right,I saw your boat go down along side mine.
  30. The OP is in violation of the rules and regs of The Department of Redundancy Department and undoubtedly has had his dossier updated, because the vid was posted before.
    It isn't paranoia. They are really watching you.
  31. WTF is a bippy??
  32. I don't know, but I do know that they are good betting wagers.
  33. Old story... the FBI/BATF/NSA has had a program, I think it's called "Carnivore" and it seeks out key buzz words on the net and alerts them Second about 4 or 5 years ago a company was selling these little adaptors at gun shows that fit on the end of your barrel and were used to attach oil filters to silence you weapon of choice. I actually saw these at a gun show and noticed several cops buying them. I went and asked the guy what they were and he told me that were used to attach oil filters to the end of a barrel while cleaning the barrel with solvents.
    I made the remark that it could be used to silence a firing weapon, the COP standing next to me said "Exactly"! He bought 4 of them. I quickly walked away not wanting to be associated with that table ever. I watched a video around that time that demonstrated the product. It seemed to work, not as well as a real sound suppressor, but it did work. JFYI
  34. At one time a company was legally manufacturing these adapters, the adapters were serial numbered for registration . To buy one you needed an approved tax stamp. Last I heard of them, they were still selling the adapter but had attached a filter to it and the filter was serial numbered also. From what I remembered it forced the owner of the device to send it back to the company to have the filter changed out..
  35. 88814049-7807-4505-893D-AB38DD4E3356.gif
  36. And the ATF is watching you and counting your empty beer cans.
  37. ATF cant count that high, so FullClip is safe to drink 3 cans a day :laughing:
  38. Hahahahahaha.

    Everything you say on a computer, everything you search, everything you say in a house with a digital device such as Siri, a smart tv, a phone etc is recorded.

    And some of you think they are putting a microchip in a vaccine to be tracked :freak:
  39. Actually .gov has impregnated all the TP with tracker nanites.

    That way they get the poop on everybody!
  40. Someone is really confused why I keep asking Siri to show me her horse ****.
  41. This is why I NEVER buy anything firearm related online. If I need something that I can't buy off the shelf I will have my LGS order it and pay for it with cash. Sure it costs a little more but it's worth it to me.
  42. A solvent trap is still just a solvent trap until you drill the holes in it. An oil filter is still just an oil filter until you drill the holes. There are lots of people who order them and then file a Form 1 to make them into a legal suppressor. Tell the ATF to pound sand.
  43. I know exactly why you ask.

  44. There is a reason that many lawyers will say to never talk to the police.
    He attempted to trick/catch him by saying he ordered suppressors when the order said no such thing. They were there to find a reason to prosecute him, they were not looking for exculpatory evidence.

    This is how they turn nothing into something. This scenario sounds silly or stupid but that's how it happens, things get twisted real fast. Q: Have you ever modified/altered a oil filter to be used for anything other than it's intended purpose? A: No. Q: We observed a modified/altered filter on your work bench, you said you never altered a filter? A: Yea but that was altered to compare filters .... Q: It was altered , correct? Q: Did you know it's a federal offense to lie to a federal agent?

    There is no doubt that the trooper will notify the EPA for the truck mods but also how he handles his used filters. If he has garbage pickup they can start checking his garbage. Once again seems ridiculous but could lead to loss of service and thousands in fines. If he has any type of licenses, those could be in jeopardy.

    The Fed brought the state guy so the State guy could find things that the Fed had no jurisdiction over.

    This video has been out for years. It should be required watching.
    Don't Talk to the Police

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-7o9xYp7eE
  45. No lie was involved. He altered the filter to compare it with other filters not to change it's intended purpose which what was asked. Tell the ATF to pound sand.
  46. With the size, weight of even a lawn mower filter...Wouldn’t it be impossible to use sights? Wouldn’t the weight of the filter make carrying impossible? I recall people talk about reliability issues with factory suppressors...

    So you have a makeshift, illegal, heavy, awkward thing, that might work for a couple shots? Chance bullet wildly veering off? What’s the draw?
    I might remember hearing of plastic bottles and duct tape on a .22 rifle. Many decades ago. Kids playing around. What they saw in a movie. I think it was even legal in 1960
  47. Am I being detained? Sorry, I don’t answer questions.
  48. Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet! God bless America!